3050 Series Top Mount Freezer, 255 L


3050 Series Top Mount Freezer, 255 L Durability is standard with Samsung's top freezer refrigerators. Backed by a 10-year parts warranty, the durable Digital Inverter Compressor powerfully, quietly and efficiently cools the inside. Other features like the MoistFresh Zone and the Quick Cooling Mode, keeps your vegetables, fruits, and meats fresher for longer periods of time.* You’ll also enjoy the convenience of storage innovations such as the Easy Slide Shelf.
* Compared to previous Samsung refrigerators
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  • 10 year Parts warranty on the Digital Inverter Compressor.
  • 3.5 Energy Star Rating.
  • Even temperature with Multiflow Technology.

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3050 Series Top Mount Freezer, 255 L


  • Samsung’s new top mount freezer refrigerators are durable and energy efficient (3.5 energy star) with innovative features that preserve food for longer.
MoistFresh Zone Top Mount freezer refrigerator SR255MLS Stainless 255L | Samsung NZ

MoistFresh Zone

Fresh vegetables and fruit are good for you, but what’s good for vegetables and fruit? Samsung’s MoistFresh Zone. The smartly designed drawer provides an ideal environment for apples and capsicums, so they stay fresher for longer. A tight seal prevents moisture from escaping when humidity levels are low, and a vent releases excess moisture when humidity levels are too high. Together with the conduction cooling system, these elements maintain the optimal humidity levels to preserve your fresh produce.
Digital Inverter Compressor and 10 Year Parts Warranty Top Mount freezer refrigerator SR255MLS Stainless 255L | Samsung NZ

Digital Inverter Compressor and 10 Year Parts Warranty

Unlike conventional compressors, which have just two patterns of start and stop, Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor moves in five different moving cycles based on humidity levels and usage patterns. This helps maintain a more consistent temperature and keeps noise to a minimum. It also boasts a 3.5 energy star rating.
Easy Slide Top Mount freezer refrigerator SR255MLS Stainless 255L | Samsung NZ

Easy Slide

Reaching into a refrigerator to grab a pot of yogurt from the back often means navigating an obstacle course of food items, like a pavlova or a jar of jam. One wrong move could mean squished cream or broken glass on the floor. The Easy Slide shelf is built on rolling hinges, and pulls out so you can efficiently organise and easily access your food items—and easily see just what you have stored at the back.
Big Guard Top Mount freezer refrigerator SR255MLS Stainless 255L | Samsung NZ

Big Guard

Convenient for the thirsty household, the Big Guard allows you to store large containers of milk and juice in the door, along with two rows of cans and bottles. Use the Big Guard to chill tall bottles of water and soft drinks also.
Deodorising Filter Top Mount freezer refrigerator SR255MLS Stainless 255L | Samsung NZ

Deodorising Filter

Deodorising Filter is made of Activated Carbon, eliminates bad smells, keeping the air fresh and preserving the flavour of your food.

tech specs

Dimension of RT22FARACSL/SA


  • Gross Total

    255 ℓ

  • Gross Freezer

    71 ℓ

  • Gross for Refrigerator(Liter)

    184 ℓ

Physical specification

  • Net Dimension (WxHxD)(mm)

    555*1545*637 mm

  • Net Width(mm)

    555 mm

  • Net Case Height with Hinge(mm)

    1545 mm

  • Net Case Height without Hinge(mm)

    1490 mm

  • Net Depth with Door Handle(mm)

    637 mm

  • Net Depth without Door Handle(mm)

    637 mm

  • Net Depth without Door(mm)

    545 mm

  • Packing Dimension (WxHxD)(mm)

    572*1600*664 mm

  • Packing Width(mm)

    572 mm

  • Packing Height(mm)

    1600 mm

  • Packing Depth(mm)

    664 mm

  • Net Weight(kg)

    48.3 kg

  • Packing Weight(kg)

    53 kg


Cooling Feature

  • Cooling Type

    All around cooling

Refrigerator Feature

  • Deodorizer Type


  • Number of Shelf (Total)

    3 EA

  • Number of Shelf (Silde Out)

    1 EA

  • Shelf Material

    Tempered Glass

  • Number of Vegetable&Fruit Drawer

    1 EA

  • Number of Door Pocket

    4 EA

  • Egg Container(Egg Tray)


  • Power Cool Function


  • Fresh room


  • Interior LED Light


Freezer Feature

  • Icemaker

    Twist ice maker

  • Shelf Material


  • Number of Shelf (Total)

    1 EA

  • Number of Door Pocket

    2 EA

General Feature

  • Door Alarm


  • Refrigerant


Exterior Feature

  • Door Handle


  • Color

    Ez clean steel


  • Energy Consumption



  • Energy Grade



  • Free Standing


  • Counter Depth



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