Printing exactly what you want, how you want it is simple with the AnyWeb Print application which is compatible on selected Windows operating systems and Internet Explorer^^. Designed to help you compile information from across the Internet into a single printable page*, AnyWeb Print helps you customise and streamline your print jobs.

Step 1: Download the Application^ and Simply Select Your Content

Simply download the AnyWeb Print application from here [] onto your compatible PC^^.
As easy as selecting text in a word document or taking a screen shot, AnyWeb Print allows you to pick each specific piece of content from your webpage for printing. Open the AnyWeb Print application from your web browser tool bar then use your mouse to highlight the desired content within your webpage. You can easily adjust the size and shape of your selected area to capture only what you need. From there, print your selection immediately or add it to your “Scrap Board” for printing customisation.

Step 2: Design Your Document

To add content, just drag your selections from the web page and drop them into frames displayed in your browser. Once there you can arrange, resize or crop your various pieces of content into a single page. Looking to print more than one page? Add additional pages to AnyWeb Print and order the pages however you like. You can even view or edit in full screen mode for more detailed customisation.

Step 3: Printing and More

In just a few clicks you can have a totally customised document filled with exactly the content you want to print. Preview your document to make sure everything is in place and then click the “Print” button. You’ll avoid wasting paper on web content you don’t need or content that’s formatted incorrectly, resulting in blank pages or pages with only a long URL. You can even save your customised page as a .pdf or .tiff document to edit later.

Here are other ways in which the AnyWeb Print application could be useful for gathering and printing information*

  • • Put together a visual shopping list complete with descriptions and pictures to speed up your trip to the store.

  • • Plan the perfect vacation with a graphic itinerary of your travel schedule, hotel locations, exciting monuments, sights and more.

  • • Compile a professional research document that displays data and analytics from multiple sources to handout during a business meeting.

Download the AnyWeb Print application^ onto your compatible PC^^ for yourself and try it on these Samsung printers to see how simple it can be to print exactly what you want.*

^Internet connection required. Data download and usage charges may apply.

^^AnyWeb Print is compatible with the following Windows operating systems: 2000, XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, Vista and Windows 7. It requires Internet Explorer 6.0 or later.

*Samsung takes copyright seriously. Samsung does not authorise any use of its features and applications that infringe copyright or are otherwise contrary to law.