My phone is heating up, is this normal?

Last Update date : 2016.11.15

This phenomenon is normal and is simply due to the device's CPU activity. When running multiple apps, the CPU processes more tasks and as a result, additional heat is given off. This happens on most electronic devices (even computers/laptops), including the devices of other manufacturers.


All mobile devices from Samsung observe the International Safety Specification EN563.



We recommend a few steps to have your device running optimally.



1.    Close all applications not in use. This can be accomplished by using the recent applications button located to the left of the home button. Additional steps available are utilizing the auto-brightness feature of your device.


2.    You may also take advantage of additional battery optimization located in settings under battery, go to the more option and select optimize battery usage. Here you may select to optimize select applications or all. Please be aware of features that disable background and sync data when using this mode.


3.    Disable unwanted Functions like Bluetooth & Location Settings - check and disable the location tracking, in case it is own and your maps application is using it, you will observe a higher battery drain and also your phone continue to search for the GPS signal and cause heating.

It is best to keep it switched off when you are not using the maps. A lot of other apps also tend to use the location settings it is best to turn off the settings to ensure higher power saving and reduce smartphone heating.


4.    Use of 4G and 3G Data for longer duration – When 3G or 4G data is continuously used by the smartphone, processor and GPU are working continuously which causes heat.


5.    Too Many processes (Apps) running at same time – Too Apps are sometimes open on the smartphone and can cause it to heat up due to unnecessary  processes running in the background.


6.    Regularly check for application and software updates. To do this go to play store and look for My apps and choose update all. To check OS updates go to settings and find the About Phone tab and then system updates.


However, if the heat persists, you may bring your device to a Samsung Authorized Service Center nearest you.



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