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  • A smart sign is displaying the departure and arrival information of a transit hub in real time. A smart sign is displaying the departure and arrival information of a transit hub in real time.


    Find out how Samsung can help streamline operations and enhance the passenger experience.


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  • Create a Seamless Digital Hub

    Create a Seamless Digital Hub

    Welcome travelers with a smooth and enjoyable hub experience

    • Satisfy passengers with the best digitized experience.
    • Reduce costs with automated, digitized operations.

    would detail their travel preferences in order to receive a personalised service1

    1Accenture (2013)
    A large video wall is displaying advertisements and a map of the airport to travelers passing below.
    Engage passengers with vibrant displays
    Visitors entering the hub are met with an array of vivid displays, featuring both advertisements and useful direction for their journey. Samsung Video Wall attracts viewers with its captivating advertisements; while the Smart Signage nearby displays transport information in real-time. Disoriented visitors can find their bearings with the Interactive Information Bulletin, where they can access both a map of the terminal and relevant transport information with a few taps.
    A young girl is using a digital menu at a self-order kiosk to view the available food options.
    Entice travelers with vivid images and advertising
    With the right services, a major transit hub can also mean shopping and dining bliss for the traveler between trips. Customers can view their options on Samsung Smart Signage, which features a guide and location map alongside advertisements for select products and services. The Digital Menu Board and Self-Order Interactive Kiosk facilitates the selection process, as well as making it easy for restaurants to update menu items and prices. And with Location-based Services, navigating through the hub is a walk in the park.
    A traveler is looking to a smart signage TV for information on how to claim his baggage after a flight.
    Provide real-time departure and arrival information
    Managing the flurry of departures and arrivals is key to a smooth flowing transit hub. Samsung Smart Signage can play an important role in this, by providing visitors with information on departures, arrivals and baggage claim, all in real time. Smart Signage TV can then entertain and inform waiting passengers with live TV, advertisements and practical guidance.
    A traveler is asking for help at an information desk, where a digital sign displays flight information.
    Maximise energy efficiency and create seamless wireless connectivity
    Remotely enable the optimum temperature for visitors with the Samsung System Air Conditioner with Data Management Server, S-Net 3. Its flexibility accommodates your needs, enabling the integrated management of individual or multiple units from any location, and at any time. And its energy-use analysis and advice for cost-effective building management can be a valuable tool for ensuring that you achieve maximum energy efficiency.
    A staff member is using a printer to scan boarding passes and automatically send the scans to the back office.
    Streamline back-office operations through digital automation
    Processes behind the scenes can be just as key to an efficiently run transit hub, and an Integrated Solution: Printer + WLAN, a simple wireless printer installation, can be the first easy step to enhancing efficiency. A Samsung Printer with PrinterOn Cloud Print and SmarThru Workflow 3 takes productivity a step further by allowing you to print or scan from any device, and manage digital documents. The triumvirate is complete with Samsung Managed Print Services, which provides printing system monitoring, supply management and technical support.
  • Streamline Transportation Services

    Streamline Transportation Services

    Maximise operational efficiency with connected operations

    • Enhance productivity through real-time digital communication between staff.
    • Save energy and reduce costs by automating and digitizing operations.

    want flight status information on mobile devices, self-boarding and transfer kiosks1

    1SITA, Flying into the Future (2013)
    A mechanic is using the electronic maintenance manual on his tablet as he checks the machinery in the background.
    Empower staff with mobile devices and seamless communication
    A crucial element of successful service is efficiency. You will be prepped for efficiency when your engineering staff are equipped for it with the Samsung Mobile Device for Maintenance. This electronic maintenance manual for mechanics features a step-by-step visual guide for maintenance tasks as well as a checklist function for confirming the readiness of a vehicle. Achieve unified seamless communication with staff through the Mobile Device & Gear. You can also update schedules or receive notifications on the completion of tasks in real time.
    A traveler is using a mobile ticketing service on his mobile device to reserve his seat and check in at the airport.
    Automate and expedite check-in
    Check-in can be one of the most tedious parts of a trip, and you can improve the experience of the traveler by speeding it along. With the Self Check-in Kiosk, travelers no longer need to rely on staff to check in. Passengers just need to provide a passport scan or confirmation number, select their seats, check in their baggage, and print the boarding pass directly at the machine or have it delivered to their mobile device. With Mobile Ticketing, passengers can complete the entire process via their own mobile device, from reserving seats to checking in, to receiving both flight information and the boarding pass.
    A pilot is using a tablet within the cockpit to monitor the vehicle status.
    Improve efficiency in the cockpit with digital technology
    In an aircraft, the cockpit is the control room that keeps everything running. When you optimise cockpit conditions with Samsung Mobile Devices with Samsung KNOX, you enhance flight efficiency. Loaded with maps and charts, the device will calculate the optimum route for the aircraft based on the distance and time traveled, and the location of the vehicle. Pilots can use the device to monitor vehicle status and real-time environmental conditions, consult electronic manuals, and receive real-time notifications from central control.
    A flight attendant is using a tablet to show the passenger of a flight a menu of food and duty-free items.
    Provide the best customer service for your passengers
    While the cockpit may be at the heart of the flight, passengers’ interaction with the cabin crew is also a crucial element of quality service on flights. By outfitting the crew with Samsung Mobile Devices and Samsung Gear, you enable them to perform their best. The crew can use mobile devices to check on passengers’ information, match passengers to seat numbers, receive service requests in real time, and refer to electronic policy and procedure manuals. For passengers interested in buying food, drinks and duty-free items, the mobile point-of-sales (POS) is a convenient way to handle payments.
    An airline passenger is using the tablet that comes with his flight to select a movie during her trip.
    Enhance your customers’ travel experience and generate extra revenue
    Comfort on a long journey is vital. By going the extra step to ensure that the trip is enjoyable, as well as comfortable, can leave an even more strongly favourable impression. With a Samsung Tablet & Interactive Display, passengers can view multimedia content, request services, or browse through shopping catalog and menu. Updates on vehicle status on the Samsung tablet can keep passengers informed.

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