Samsung’s new Pacific top loader lets you to wash piles of laundry without any stress! Experience Samsung’s new innovative washing machine that delivers outstanding cleanliness with no tangles while saving great amount of water.

Wobble technology

Unique structure of Wobble pulsator, Samsung's innovative technology invented, created left and right, upper and lower flow,
then it caused 3D Dynamic Wash.

Wobble Pulsator

New record produced by the new heart. Samsung has produced innovative Wobble pulsator, and it gives you more satisfaction than previous laundry.

Tangle Free!

Conventional washing machine causes 5 tangled laundries out of 18 laundries. However, Samsung's Wobble technology™ causes only one tangled laundry or not at all. Innovative Wobble Technology expresses the tangle-free, knot-free, and twists-free. Improved 80% untangling function compared to existing laundry releases your stress.

• All the data in Product detail page comes from the comparison test between WA12WP(Samsung New) and WA12VP(Samsung Conventional) in Samsung Internal Lab.
• Disclaimer : Wobble Technology uses a wobble pulsator that makes a vertical current, enabling washing to be tangle-free. This was proved by Samsung’s experiment when the new model WA12WP 10KG BEST which uses Wobble Technology was compared to our conventional model WA12VP, showing 80% improvement in the reduction of tangling. This means when 18 clothes are washed, the previous model would have 5 clothes tangled when the new model would have only one. Tangling might occur depending on the washing circumstances.

Water Saving!

A 3D Dynamic Wash made by Samsung's Wobble technology™ can increase the washing power, and save the 40% of water to remove dirt and pollution of water.The perfect washing power approved by the world should save water.

Add Great Reliability to Whole System

Samsung’s unique jog dial allows you to easily select and control cycles simply by turning the dial smoothly and effortlessly. With specially designed jog dial, wash the clothes easier and simpler for your better lifestyle.

Practically dry, straight from the washer

In the Air Turbo Drying System™ powerful motor rapidly rotates the washing machine drum to pull more water out of the load and reduce drying time. With the combination of air intake and turbo power, choosing a Samsung washing machine has never been easier.

Keep clothes looking new with Diamond Drum™

The uniquely designed holes of drum are deeply embossed in diamond shape that creates the perfect environment for gentle but effective washing of clothes. Fabric don’t catch in the cubic drum and are subsequently not damaged.

Scratch-Free and Long-Last

The tempered glass window is much stronger than conventional window to provide long-life span even with scratchfree surface. This highly durable window also withstands wear and tear.

Eco Clean Tub

Samsung’s Eco Clean Tub is specially designed to remove dirt and biofilm in the tub without special chemical detergent. This innovative function keeps drum extremely clean by soaking and spinning only with the water.

Last Setting

The washing machine memorizes the last cycle setting you used and recall memory with a button.

Aqua Preserve

Aqua Preserve reduced waste of water by reusing last rinsed out water. After rinsing the clothes lastly, the washing machine keeps the water before final spin-dry and use it again to save water and your money!
(This function is only available to use when you select twice of rinsing)