Neo Forte’s clean panel design with a unique silver accent adds a touch of class to your space. It also provides the efficient and stable cooling performance and maintains the optimum temperature, even while you sleep.

Smart Technology

Samsung Smart Inverter technology saves energy while the air conditioner is on by maintaining the ideal temperature
without constant shutting off and on of the compressor.

Ideal temperature for your good night

The quality of sleep you get directly impacts your physical and mental health. Concerned with your health, Samsung performed extensive experiments to determine the ideal temperatures needed to quickly fall asleep, maintain a comfortable sleep environment, and to awake refreshed. After years of testing, Samsung has developed a precise temperature control system that accurately controls the temperature and humidity in the room during the 3 stages of sleep to ensure users wake up fully refreshed and ready to start their day.

Deodorising Filter

Our environmentally-friendly deodorising filter system keeps air fresh in a broad variety of situations and climates. By choosing this unique system, users can be confident that all traces of unpleasant odours are eliminated, leaving them with clean, fresh air. This not only creates a more pleasant environment, but also a healthier one, and is bound to boost customer satisfaction.

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