The innovative Multi Chamber System™ accomplishes incredibly low vacuuming noise without losing long-lasting power

Multi Chamber System™

SAMSUNG's patented technology effectively removes dust and allergens, without clogging the filter and losing power.

long-lasting suction power

The strong suction power exceeds that of conventional cyclonic vacuum cleaners and will not lose power over time. So you can protect your family from harmful dust particles and mites for longer.

Silver Nano Health System™

Incorporated with Silver Nano technology that helps to ensure the bin and filters stay clean by preventing bacteria from formulating and multiplying amongst dust and allergen particles.

Test results have proven and confirmed that “…vacuum cleaners with integrated nano silver components…showed an EXCELLENT ANTIMICROBIAL ACTIVITY…value obtained by cultivation of contaminated dust without nano silver treatment served as a comparison…” – Source: SLG.

stress-free sound levels

Eliminate the irritating sound of vacuum cleaners without losing suction power.

This is accomplished not only by reducing noise levels but also with a design that removes irritating high frequency noise from the motor to brush. With various enhancements like aerodynamic technologies for the motor cover and fan shape, you get a noise level of only 73dBA.

It is 10 times quieter than the noisiest cleaner in the shop. Hear it to believe it.

HEPA filtration

HEPA filtration ensures clean exhaust air by catching micro particles such as dust and allergens, leaving the air you breathe while vacuuming clean and healthy. The SC9540 is incorporated with a HEPA H13 level filter that helps to capture up to 99.95% of 0.3mm size particles. The HEPA filters allow for a worry-free vacuuming experience for asthma and allergy sufferers.

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