Come home to a clean house every day with the NaviBot-S. Sleeker, faster and smarter than its predecessors, it vacuums your floors and carpets — even heavily soiled areas — with breathtaking efficiency. Not only can it zip under furniture too low for other cleaning robots, the NaviBot-S can empty its contents into a separate dust bin and recharge itself before resuming in the same spot it left off — leaving you with spotless floors and more free time.

Faster and smoother motion
for better cleaning

Faster acceleration. Tighter turns. Not a racecar, but the NaviBot-S. Not only does it run circles around other cleaning robots, it features the Visionary Mapping™ System. With twelve sensors, two CPU chips, and an onboard camera, the NaviBot-S charts the most efficient route around your house. And when its battery starts to run low, it zips back to its docking station to recharge, then races back to pick up cleaning where it left off.

Its slim design fits under
furniture and cleans
hard-to-reach areas

With its sleek, sophisticated design, you won’t mind having the NaviBot-S cleaning robot plainly in view. But at only 80mm thick, it’s also intended to work out of sight — under couches, beds, hutches and other areas you typically have trouble reaching. Without an ounce less power, the NaviBot-S is 11% slimmer than its predecessor, allowing it to easily maneuver and clean under furniture -- and to lead other cleaning robots in performance as well as appearance.

Its Dust Awareness Sensor gives you on-the-spot

The NaviBot-S features an optical sensor that can actually see and react to dust. When it reaches a heavily-soiled area and senses there is more dust, crumbs or pet hair than can be cleaned in one pass, it shifts to power cleaning mode, then vacuums repeatedly until the area is dirt-free. And the NaviBot-S automatically transitions from hardwood floors to carpeting, to ensure optimal cleaning of every surface.

There’s no stopping this cleaning machine

An open doorway would stop most cleaning robots in their tracks — but it won’t hold up the NaviBot-S. When the unit encounters a doorsill, its Smooth Climbing Wheel enables increased leverage and allows unhampered movement across thresholds, over cords — or over any other obstacles on the floor, up to 1.5cm thick.

It sweeps up even more in its path

The NaviBot-S is designed to clean your floors better and in less time than ever before. It has a 204mm-wide brush that’s an impressive 25% wider than on previous models — so it can take on crumbs, pet hair, and dust with fewer sweeping paths. The expanded brush, along with the sweeper blade, results in a faster, more efficient overall cleaning performance.

Daily or weekly- set its schedule to yours

Schedule your cleaning for convenience and time saving! Set the NaviBot-S to vacuum when you’re at work, out shopping, or spending an afternoon at a café. Just enter the time and day — it’s that simple. You can program a weekly schedule or, if you want to alternate floors, a daily one. Now you’ll know your home is getting cleaned even when you’re not there.

It quietly goes about its way

While the NaviBot-S is vacuuming, you can chat on the phone, read a book or watch television —in the same room! The NaviBot-S features Samsung’s Air Path Technology, which reduces irritating noise and makes it one of the quietest vacuum cleaners around. It’s so quiet, you may find yourself looking up to see if it’s still on.

Virtual Guard™

Virtual Guard™ prevents the NaviBot-S from entering a vulnerable area — where there’s a crawling baby, a dog’s water bowl, or a precious antique vase perched on an end table. Just the push of a button sets up a virtual fence that the NaviBot-S won’t cross, protecting the space.

Cliff Sensor

There’s no need to block off your staircase to prevent the NaviBot-S from tumbling down. The cleaning robot has three Cliff Sensors that can detect the edges of steps and other deep areas, so it steers away from potential falls -- preventing damage to itself or breakage in your home.

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