Understanding Clear Motion Rate (CMR)
Though it might seem like an unfamiliar term, CMR or Clear Motion Rate - is a concept that’s nonetheless easy to understand and utilize. Samsung TV is proud to be the pioneer of CMR methodology, and we think it is a great way to get amazing picture quality through the simplest means available. 

What is CMR?
Clear Motion Rate is a motion clarity standard put forth by Samsung Televisions in order to replace what is commonly known as the “refresh rate” associated with many televisions. This is especially helpful when watching quickly moving scenes or high action content, as standard TV is often inaccurate when measuring the resolution of a moving scene. 

How does CMR work?
Refresh rate is a quality of your display’s panel speed, but it isn’t the only factor in producing a clear motion picture. So even though different televisions might have similar panel refresh rate speeds, Samsung TV adds factors to assure you’ll get the best resolution from a moving scene. Here are the components that serve as the basis for Samsung CMR:
  • The HyperReal Engine – This engine for Samsung Televisions processes moving images to reach the optimal image quality.

  • Advanced Backlight System – The advanced backlight of LED/LCD screens works in harmony with the HyperReal Engine to deliver crisp and reactive backlight to a moving scene.

  • Ultra Clear Panel – Samsung TV panel technology has over 20% higher contrast ratio compared to other HD panels, as well as faster processing time.
These factors, along with fine pixel detail and overall high product quality produce a high Clear Motion Rate. The higher the CMR, the clearer your motion picture quality will be.

A New Standard for Picture Quality
While many cutting edge televisions boast HD quality picture and other features, at 960Hz/800Hz, only the Samsung LED Smart TV D8000 series is optimized for enhanced picture quality and the most outstanding moving picture clarity on the market. 

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