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Quantum dot display

The SUHD TV with its Quantum dot display defies
convention and sets a new standard in viewing
pleasure. With colours
spanning a billion hues,
on-screen images come alive. Stunning light
and dark contrast brings out details you never
knew you missed.
The display itself is
built for long screen life and to be
environmentally friendly by being

Bright and lively whale’s tale image is on Samsung SUHD TV screen.
Conventional display
a conventional display shows narrow color spectrum bar and bad quality of fish images
Quantum dot colour
a Quantum dot colour display shows wider color spectrum bar and good and clear of fish images

Quantum dot colour

Close your eyes and imagine the most colourful
scene ever.
Open them and see it on the
SUHD TV. Signature Quantum dot
shows you the world as it should be seen with a

colour range 64 times that of regular TV.

A Right perspective angle of  Samsung TV with light detailed canyon onscreen image.

HDR 1000

When High Dynamic Range delivers a peak
of 1000 nits, you see the details.
Every one of them.
The textures of the night,
the layers of light. What you see in
real world, it’s right there on the
Quantum dot display
in all its finely
detailed glory.

Icon for ultra black

Ultra Black

By absorbing the light that hits the TV
from the outside, you no longer get

unwanted reflections on the screen. At the
same time, Samsung’s exclusive
Black technology lets the light from the
TV images pass through
so you see only
the light you should be seeing.

Icon for Remastering Engine


These days there are so many file formats
of varying specifications.
And let’s face it –
some formats are lower quality than others.
But SUHD TV’s remastering engine will step
in to automatically analyze
and remaster any
non-SUHD content, improving the quality
to the
highest level possible. Enjoy images as close
what was intended by the filmmaker.

Search less,
enjoy more

Smart Hub

Turn on the TV and everything you need is on
the screen. Whether it’s streamed movies,
games, or a live broadcast, going from one to
the other
is the same as flipping through
channels. It’s that easy and that intuitive.
And of course you only need one
single remote for it all.

Smart hub UI called Eden is on Samsung TV onscreen.

*Not all apps are applicable in Singapore. Please check in-stores for more details.

Icon for smart hub
Smart Hub

There’s so much to watch, from so many sources.
With the Smart Hub,
you’ll find it all in one place
just by turning on the TV. Switching from one
to the next is effortless, adjusting
the TV settings is child’s play.

Icon for smart view
Smart View

Install the Smart View app on your smartphone
and PC, and you can share
the content on the
devices directly to your Samsung TV.
From photos
and videos to music, it’s so much better
when enjoyed on
the bigger screen.

Icon for one remote control
One Remote Control

Managing all your devices from a TV has never
been easier. The One Remote
is the only thing
you need. A single-handed operation
for every
connected device.

Icon for auto detection
Auto Detection

Devices connected via HDMI cable will be
automatically recognized and
displayed as
understandable icons and names on the
For added convenience Samsung
One Remote Control works right
with no extra setup required.

*One Remote Control function requires Internet access and may not be available in all languages or areas.
*One Remote Control and Auto Detection function may not be supported by certain devices connected to Samsung Smart TV.

Curved Screen

Immersive Viewing Experience

Curves are known to please the human eye and
it certainly holds true for the SUHD TV. More
than just being about appearances, its curves
usher in a
whole world of engaging entertainment.
Get pulled in to the action for a distortion-free
viewing experience that’s also easy on your eyes.

Two curved Samsung TV with beautiful aurora onscreen image

Curved design

Softly and curvaceously designed, SUHD TV’s
exquisitely rounded curves draw attention and
elicit warm feelings.
With natural curves just
as we see in nature and architecture, the
curved SUHD TV can be appreciated
even when it’s powered off.

Flat screen Different distance depending on angle
Standard View
a flat  TV infographic shows a different distance of viewing depending on angle Farther Farther
Curved Screen Same distance regardless of angel
Wider View
a curved screen TV infographic shows uniform and wider viewing distance from any angle


One more step to further connect you with
what’s onscreen, the Curved.
SUHD TV adjusts
contrast levels uniformly across the screen.

for an even greater sense of depth.

Less eye strain

Experience more comfortable viewing
compared to that of a flat screen.
With a curved
TV screen, your eyes are afforded a uniform

viewing distance and hence less
visual fatigue.

all around

Boundless at the edges

The SUHD TV is the result of an ongoing journey
toward design perfection. Each hardware element
was revisited for a TV that can now play a
design role in your living space
whether powered on or off. We also went
to great lengths in engineering the
minimalistic bezel design
to create a
canvas that doesn’t distract from
your viewing experience.

A back angle image of Samsung SUHD TV’s T-stand.

360° design

The SUHD TV was designed to impress from
all angles because
we understand the TV is an
integral part of the interior space.
We eliminated
the unnecessary and refined the details,
a beautiful design piece that
looks good in any living space.


Your attention should never drift away from
what’s onscreen.
It’s with this philosophy in
mind that we did away with all
to create an optimally boundless screen.

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