Customer Warning – employment and lottery scams

Jan 02, 2014

Samsung has received reports that:

- Online adverts are being placed and/or emails sent pretending that Samsung is recruiting for factory workers or other jobs.  Any person who responds is asked to pay a fee (e.g. for a uniform, or CRB checks) before they are offered a job. 


- SMS text messages and emails have been sent pretending to be from Samsung, claiming that the recipient has won a cash prize or a lottery. Recipients are asked to call a UK phone number, send an email, or access a website, where they are then asked to provide their personal contact details or to make a payment, in order to claim the prize.

These are scams and not genuine.

Criminals will often include the names of well-known companies in their scams, and this includes Samsung.

Samsung does not ask any potential employees to pay a fee before being offered a job, and will always interview candidates. Samsung also does not send unsolicited emails, SMS text messages, or make phone calls which claim the recipient has won a prize, or to request personal or financial information.

Samsung has informed the UK police who will take action. However, other criminals may be operating similar scams and new scams might be developed.