Security Not Being Taken Seriously as Business Use of Mobile Devices Booms

Jun 12, 2014

New research from Samsung UK released today suggests British businesses are not taking mobile security as seriously as they should. Trends from the study show that businesses are striving to encourage employees to work from the office or remotely with 75% confirming that mobile devices are connected to their corporate network. Yet with the rise of mobile and flexible working, security breaches are increasingly commonplace, and businesses are opening themselves up to unnecessary risk – over 10% of businesses have incurred costs of more than £25,000 due to security incidents in the last year.

The study on business mobile security from Samsung UK involved IT decision makers from across a range of UK businesses with key findings including:

Security breaches are increasingly common place – roughly one in two companies (47%) have had a company handset lost or stolen over the last 12 months; almost 10% have had over 200 handsets lost or stolen

These breaches are having a real impact – a quarter of businesses (25%) have incurred costs of more than £15,000 over the last year following mobile security incidents; over 10% have incurred costs of more than £25,000

Mobile security is not taken seriously - Almost a third (30%) of CTOs do not know how many mobile handsets were lost or stolen last year; over a third (34%) do not know how many mobile security incidents in general their business suffered last year

Mobile is a growing trend for enterprise as they strive to encourage employees to work effectively and efficiently – almost 20% of businesses report that up to five times as many devices connect to their corporate network compared with two years ago

Supporting flexible working is priority over mobile security – Less than 10% of chief technology officers believe improving mobile security is more important than facilitating flexible working and improving software

Graham Long, Vice President Enterprise Business Team, Samsung UK & Ireland, said: “Businesses need to make sure their security keeps up with the increasing use of mobile devices. With more and more employees using their own personal smartphones and tablets for work, neglecting security can be a very expensive mistake to make.”

Samsung’s mobile security platform, KNOX is deployed across many businesses in the UK and Samsung recently announced that KNOX has been cleared for use by the UK Government. This approval means that UK public sector workers will be able to enjoy the enhanced performance and rich functionality of the latest Samsung KNOX enable smartphones and devices for the very first time too. This includes a KNOX container solution that separates business and personal use of a mobile device, biometric software and industry-leading mobile device management solutions.

Graham continued: “With flexible working on the rise and an increasing demand from people to be able to do more on one device – whether that’s to work remotely or spend time online shopping during their commute, there is a clear challenge for businesses to keep pace with evolving technology. The challenge for businesses and IT decision makers is to embrace new ways of working but ensure all devices are highly secure and efficient.”

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