August 22, 2001 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG SDS and N'Ser Community establishes "e-Contact Center"

There is a rising need for the call center as it becomes an important part of customer service. For the companies that cannot afford to construct their own call centers, there is an increasing need for cost-effective call center outsourcing.

Samsung SDS (CEO Hong-Ki Kim) and N'Ser Community, a venture company specializing in CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), announced on August 16 that they are establishing a call center tentatively called, "e-Contact Center" to enter the CRM-based intelligent call center operations. "e-Contact Center" will be established within Samsung SDS with investment from both Samsung SDS and N'Ser Community. "e-Contact Center" will allow its clients to be able to isolate and focus on their customers by industry to provide the most efficient customer contact. "e-Contact Center" would contribute to increasing competitiveness of companies by allowing the development of various customer services and securing customers with high potential as well as enabling the company to proactively and flexibly respond to customer complaints.

Samsung SDS, which will house "e-Contact Center" and will be responsible for marketing and operations for the successful entry into the domestic call center business, while N'Ser Community, which has core technology in call center operations, would take charge of call center construction, operations, technical support, securing and managing counselors.

"e-Contact Center"is an integrated CRM (Customer Relations Management) call center with N'Ser Community's CTI solution "NetDial" and integrated Internet call center solution "iNetDial." The center forecasts that it will be able to reach revenue of 4 billion Won with 100 counselors in this year, which will be its first year of operation.

"e-Contact Center" not only responds to customer needs from inbound calls, but it has outbound functions such as e-mail and telephone calls based on customer database, which has the advantage of drawing out customer demand for increased revenue. In addition, "e-Contact Center" plans to apply the knowledge from the operation and application of call center to CRM to provide the highest quality consulting services for call center operations. With such high value added service, the center would differentiate itself from other call centers that merely provide telephone services.

Joon-Hwan Choi, CEO of N'Ser Community said, "The domestic call center market grew at an average of 80% per year to reach 120 billion last year, but many companies are still hesitant about investing in call centers due to the large initial infrastructure investment and continuous maintenance required." He added that "e-Contact Center" would first focus on financial institutions, public agencies and telecommunications companies, which have greater need for maintaining good customer relations.

Kui-Bok Wi, Executive Director of Samsung SDS e-service Division, also said, "It would focus on high value added aspect of the business with multi-faceted and high level collection and processing of customer information in addition to simply processing customer complaints." He went on to say, "We hope to create new earnings model by highlighting the advantages of each company and minimize risks without establishing an independent entities such as joint venture."

N'Ser Community has formed strategic relationships with Samsung SDS in 2 previous occasions, cooperative overseas marketing and operations for its CTI solution and cooperation in CRM business. N'Ser Community specializes in CTI, and it was the first in Korea to develop CTI solution "NetDial" and other solutions such as integrated Internet call center solution "iNetDial" and delinquent payment management solution "NetCollect." N'Ser Community is a KOSDAQ registered company with paid-in capital of 6.25 billion Won.

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