November 13, 2001 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG Electronics Expands Involvement in Chinese 3G CDMA

SEOUL, Korea - Nov. 13, 2001 - China Unicom, a major CDMA service operator in China, has completed selection of companies to be involved in its cdma2000-1x project, and now commercial networks will be launched to demonstrate the feasibility of this new technology.
Samsung showed its cdma2000-1x technology during the October APEC summit in Shanghai, and received high marks. This endorsement helped the company to be selected alongside Motorola, Lucent Technologies and other industry leaders by China Unicom to be operators of test commercial cdma2000-1x networks. A total of seven operators have been assigned to each of seven regions: Samsung in Shanghai, Motorola in Beijing, Lucent Technologies in Guangzhou, Nortel Telecom in Hangzhou, Ericsson in Chengdou, HuaWei in Nanchang, and ZhongXing (ZTE) in Hainandao.
Importantly, Samsung has been chosen to operate in Shanghai, the most important commercial center in all of China. The company has supplied the second-generation CDMA equipment to China, and this latest selection is expected to pave the way for Samsung to do the same with third-generation hardware.

The 3G test networks will be set up separately from the 2G networks now under construction for China Unicom's initial CDMA project. The test cdma2000-1x networks will be used to show each operator's technological expertise and project execution capabilities. Their performance will be judged before the end of this year, and final selections will be made of the companies to take part in the full-scale cdma2000-1x project next year.

Each of the seven selected operators have submitted plans for their commercial test networks to China Unicom. Installation will be completed by the middle of December, and system and service testing will be carried out before the end of the year.

A Samsung Electronics representative says, "The superiority of our technology over that of our rivals was already proven in terms of cdma2000-1x data transmission speed and available contents during the APEC summit. We are confident that we get the same results during this testing of commercial networks."

Samsung Electronics received orders for US$120 million worth of CDMA hardware, with the capacity to serve 1.13 million subscribers, in China Unicom's first public tender last May. The company won an additional US$20 million order for networks with a 200,000-subscriber capacity for the Hebei and Tianjin areas in October. Thus, Samsung is supplying US$140 million worth of CDMA systems this year to China, which is emerging as the world's largest mobile communications market.

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