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SAMSUNG Telecommunications America Unveils Broad Line Up Of EnterpriseTelephony Solutions

DALLAS, April 5, 2005 – Samsung Telecommunications America’s (Samsung) Business Communications Systems group today unveiled a broad suite of products and telephony solutions that establishes the company as an innovative and significant competitor in the business phone systems market. Samsung’s latest offerings give large and mid-sized companies, small retail and franchise owners and entrepreneurs state-of-the art office communication systems that are simple to use and cost-effective.
Samsung's new products include IP-enabled iDCS communications platforms for large to small enterprises and a suite of OfficeServä Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) applications that provide comprehensive telephony and call management functions from the personal computer (PC). The company also unveiled an E-mail Gateway solution and a Single-Line integrated Mobility (SLiM) solution that allow mobile professionals to access and manage voice communications without being tied to their desk.
"We're excited about our elite products and solutions for the enterprise market," said Steve Gobeli, vice president of Samsung's business communications systems division. "Our line-up delivers cost-effective, IP-based communications to businesses small and large, helping them better manage their telephony needs. Through our latest products and solutions, we want enterprises to know that Samsung means business."
iDCS Family of Communications Platforms

Samsung’s iDCS suite of communications platforms with value-added applications provide technically advanced telephony systems support for up to 400 stations.
Samsung’s iDCS 500, the company’s premier IP-enabled communications platform, now offers Enhanced Networking features to include a higher degree of feature transparency to a multi-site installation and new hardware and software features to provide small to medium enterprises greater call handling capabilities and efficiencies. The iDCS 500 also supports E-Mail Gateway, allowing employees to receive their voicemail message via email and Samsung SLiM, a DECT mobility solution that addresses employee mobility needs.
The company's iDCS 100 is now IP-enabled and fully supports the ITP-5000 series VoIP keysets offered by Samsung. Additionally, the iDCS 100 now supports new software and enhanced networking including IP Networking, OfficeServ applications, Samsung’s SLiM mobility solution and E-Mail Gateway.
The iDCS 16 rounds out the company's iDCS family of business communication systems, providing smaller businesses with simple, reliable, digital communications in a cost-effective, feature rich platform. The system offers high reliability, ease of installation and the ability to migrate iDCS keysets as enterprise needs grow.
OfficeServ Suite of Applications

Samsung’s OfficeServ Applications are a portfolio of communication and call management solutions for the PC, allowing enterprises to better manage their telephony requirements.
OfficeServ Link is the core of Samsung's OfficeServ suite of CTI applications. This software gateway mediates between OfficeServ CTI applications and a Samsung key system, connecting two previously separate systems – the telephone system and the PC. OfficeServ Link allows enterprise users to manage communications and information through "one click" convenience of dialing directly from databases, or having records automatically "pop up" on incoming calls.
OfficeServ Call allows enterprise users to access and manage telephone services from their PC making functions such as on-screen dialing, call forwarding, conferencing, speed dial and contact management accessible at the click of a mouse.
OfficeServ Operator is a PC-based Attendant Console solution, that, when combined with a Samsung phone system, can help enterprises manage high-volume call traffic more efficiently. This solution displays real-time status of incoming calls, busy extensions and held calls on a single screen giving operators easy access to information. And, incoming and external calls can be easily managed with a simple "point and click" operation or the use of a keyboard.
OfficeServ EasySet is a browser-based application that allows users to manage their own phone extension features such as call forwarding, speed dial and messaging. By managing this process through their PC, users can change basic settings on their Samsung iDCS or ITP keyset directly from a user-friendly browser interface, enhancing efficiency.

OfficeServ Softphone is a software-based application that turns PCs into full-featured Samsung IP keyphone. Installed directly onto a laptop or desktop PC running Microsoftâ Window 2000™ or XP®, OfficeServ Softphone delivers virtually identical functionality as select Samsung keyphone – giving telecommuters or mobile professionals the accessibility of being at their desk without having to physically be there.
Samsung's E-Mail Gateway allows mobile professionals to review voicemail messages as .wav file attachments to e-mails. This product allows business users to have their voice mail messages sent to up to five different e-mail accounts on virtually any mail server that supports Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) via a built-in LAN connector. Through the gateway’s E-Message Delivery feature, voice (.wav) or fax (.tiff) mail messages are delivered to the users’ e-mail inbox as an attached file. Through the E-Mail Notification feature, users receive an e-mail notifying them of a voice and/or fax mail message in their voice mailbox.

Samsung's Single-Line integrated Mobility (SLiM) is an in-building wireless adjunct designed for small enterprise applications. Compatible on all Samsung business phone systems, SLiM can support up to eight Samsung D-5000 mobility handsets. The SLiM controller can be deployed in a main office and up to six wireless repeaters can be placed throughout the rest of the building to create a larger coverage area. An optional directional antenna makes it possible for businesses to extend coverage to immediate outside areas around the building.
About Samsung Telecommunications America

Samsung Telecommunications America, L.P., a Dallas-based subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd., researches, markets and develops telecommunications products throughout North America. For more information about the company's digital communication systems, TDM and VoIP keysets, voice processing/voicemail systems, auto attendants and CTI products, please visit www.samsung.com/bcs.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies with 2003 parent company sales of $36.4 billion and net income of $5.0 billion. Employing approximately 88,000 people in 89 offices in 46 countries, the company consists of six main business units: Corporate Technology Operations, Digital Appliance Business, Digital Media Business, LCD Business, Semiconductor Business and Telecommunication Network Business. Recognized as one of the fastest growing global brands, Samsung Electronics is the world’s largest producer of color monitors, color TVs, memory chips, TFT-LCDs and VCRs. For more information, visit

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