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SAMSUNG Introduces High-End LCD Monitors For The Professional And Corporate Marketplace

Irvine, CA -- Samsung, the world's leading manufacturer of computer monitors and professional displays, announces a new lineup of advanced LCD monitor display solutions tailored to the Pro A/V and corporate communities. Samsung's latest family of LCDs include the network enabled 46-inch SyncMaster 460pn ($6,999 estimated street price) and the 40-inch SyncMaster 400pn ($5,299) as well as the new large-screen 46-inch SyncMaster 460p ($6,749) and 40-inch SyncMaster 400p ($4,999). All displays are currently shipping.

Samsung's latest large-screen LCD monitors are high-end display solutions specifically designed for use in commercial and corporate applications. These new displays are perfect for digital signage applications, such as use in shopping malls, airports, financial institutions or any public facility where information or presentations are constantly running.

"Samsung is debuting several new large-screen LCD monitors that are created to meet the most demanding needs of today's commercial and corporate marketplaces," states Mark Pickard, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Pro A/V displays, for Samsung's Information Technology Division (ITD). "As a global technology and monitor leader, Samsung brings to market new display solutions that offer revolutionary network connectivity and high-end features and benefits for any digital signage application. The new display lineup offers best-of-breed technology that employs Samsung's economies of scale to offer the ultimate display package for virtually any need or requirement."

MagicNet Technology: When You Need To Network

Samsung's SyncMaster 460pn and SyncMaster 400pn feature an advanced enhancement that offers an Ethernet connection and Samsung's MagicNet technology, which allows users to send content to any MagicNet display on a network from a server. Armed with its Ethernet connection and MagicNet, these two monitors are the perfect way to display media on different monitors through a network, eliminating the need for any remote PCs.

The SyncMaster 460pn and SyncMaster 400pn offer businesses the benefits of digital signage without the need of a dedicated PC for each display. For example, a retail store can showcase the latest apparel on one set of displays, items that are on sale on another set of displays and a store directory on still yet another set of displays -- all from one PC. MagicNet allows users to show different content on different displays, at different times and schedule content up to a month in advance. The MagicNet software gives users the ability to view the current programming on any selected MagicNet display.

Ideal for corporate applications, the SyncMaster 460pn and 400pn are terrific in boardroom or training room locations. For example, corporate presentations can be stored on a server and accessed when needed by the display client -- without the need for a local PC.

Samsung is also unveiling its SyncMaster 460p and SyncMaster 400p, offering the same high-end display technologies without the MagicNet enhancements, for those without network-related applications.
All four new LCDs sport Samsung's MagicSpeed technology, which provides a drastically improved response time, compared to traditional LCD monitors. Each monitor features a blazing

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