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SAMSUNG Electronics Ships First Mass-Produced 256M SDRAMs

Kiheung, South Korea - March 17, 1999 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has become the world's first manufacturer to begin mass-production of the 256M SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory).
Samsung will start by supplying major PC and systems manufacturers, such as Intel, IBM, Siemens, Dell, Compaq and Hewlett-Packard, and the company is planning to produce as many as 2 to 3 million 256M SDRAMs, equaling a 1999 sales target of US$200 to 300 million. The device is slated to become the highest volume memory product, and in 2002 the world market for 256M products is expected to reach US$24 billion.

Significance of 256M SDRAM Mass Production While other semiconductor manufacturers are still working to complete development of 256M SDRAMs, Samsung Electronics delivered its first 256M SDRAM samples in 1998. Industry analysts have predicted that mass production would become possible in the year 2000 at the earliest, but Samsung has entered the market at least 6 months ahead of the competition.

Samsung's 256M SDRAMs use state-of-the-art 0.18-micron process technology, allowing the company to improve performance and efficiency. Moreover, the company will apply this technology to its current 64M and 128M SDRAM product offerings.

Impact on the Memory Market Samsung Electronics' 256M SDRAM uses the same package footprint as the current 64M and 128M SDRAM. It is well suited to the rapidly-growing memory requirements in servers, workstations and high-performance PCs. The 256M SDRAM is also suitable for use in systems of ever-higher integration, where smaller form-factor and lower power dissipation are essential trends.

The new device is also fully compatible with the current PC-100 and PC-133 standards, and can extend performance up to 167MHz/second. Concurrently, Samsung expects to complete development of a 256M RambusO DRAM in April to further expand its product offering and technological leadership.

Product Specifications
Category Details Remarks Capacity 256M SDRAM Max. processing speed 167MHz @ 3.3V, 143MHz @ 2.5V Operating Voltage 3.3V ?0.3V, 2.5V ?0.2V Design rule 0.18-micron Power consumption 70mA Applications Supercomputer, mainframe
computer, server, workstation,
high-performance PC Overseas patents Design: 51 patents
Process: 155 patents 206 in total Domestic patents Design: 267 patents
Process: 448 patents 715 in total Memory equivalent At least 2,000 standard newspaper pages
100 still photos
4 hours of audio recording

History of Samsung Electronics' 256M DRAM Development
Date Details Significance Aug. '94 World's first working die of 256M SDRAM completed 1-2 years ahead of the competition May '96 Engineering samples completed Same size as 64M SDRAM Apr. '98 World's first commercial samples of 256M SDRAM developed (chip size: 400 mil) Mar. '99 World's first mass-production of 256M SDRAM Ushering in generation change in the market

SDRAM Market Outlook
'99 '00 '01 '02 256M US$400 million US$1.5 billion US$14.0 billion US$24.2 billion 64M/128M US$13.6 billion US$19.9 billion US$26.5 billion US$14.2 billion

* The 256M market is expected to surpass the 64M/128M market in 2002.

Average Unit Price Forecast for 256M SDRAM
'99 '00 '01 '02 256M SDRAM US$105 US$55 US$40 US$20.70

(Source: InStat Nov. '98)

World Memory Chip Market Forecast
Product Specifications
Category Details Remarks Capacity 256M SDRAM Max. processing speed 167MHz @ 3.3V, 143MHz @ 2.5V

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