October 19, 1999 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG Electronics Opens New Era of In-House Multimedia System with Development of High Speed Digital Modem Chipset

SEOUL, Korea - October 19, 1999 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced that it has developed a UADSL (Universal Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) chipset in-house. This device will enable users to enjoy internet access at rates that are 30 times faster than current modems that use existing copper telephone lines.

UADSL chipset, a core semiconductor component in a digital modem board, changes analog signal to digital signal and vice versa. Samsung's chipset, named "CopperMagic", consists of two chips: a digital chip (model number: KS8944) and an analog front end (model number: KS8943). By using on-chip memory architecture, Samsung has simplified board components. In addition, CopperMagic requires only 2.5-volts for operation. These two features, lower power consumption and simplified components, benefit modem manufacturers in designing competitive modem solution.

The company developed CopperMagic in 1-years time. In the process, Samsung obtained 10 patents related to digital CODEC and transmission technology, which are the core technologies of digital modems.

Samsung expects to record $500 million in CopperMagic sales by the year 2003.

The company is planning to develop a one-chip, internal modem solution for Network Interface Card (Model number: KS8942) by the end of this year.

About UADSL Modem
A UADSL modems enables users to access the Internet at speeds of 1.5Mbps. Therefore, it will take only 28 minute to download the Britannica Encyclopedia, which takes 14 hours with conventional analog modems. Digital modems with UADSL chipset are approximately 30 times faster than analog modems. In addition, UADSL digital modems enable users to use telephone and internet service simultaneously without any interruptions. UADSL service usually costs about $30 to $60 per month for limitless internet connection. In addition, UADSL modems do not require dial-up to initiate internet connection because of its always-on feature, similar to the LAN environment. In particular, the high-speed of the modem will contribute to revolutionary increase of internet users as it enables end-users to receive access to real-time and interactive games and movies.

About Samsung
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., with 1998 sales revenue of US$16.6 billion, is a world leader in the electronics industry. The Korea-based firm has operations in 46 countries and employs 42,000 people. The company consists of three main business divisions: Multimedia & Home Appliances, Semiconductors and Information & Telecommunications. For more information, visit the website, http://samsungelectronics.com

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