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31159. Networking: Using Windows Media Player 11 To Share Media To Your DLNA/Allshare TV


STEP 1. Confirm that you have WMP 11.

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Make sure you have Windows Media Player (WMP) 11

  1. Open WMP and right click on the top banner portion. [a popup menu will appear]
  2. Select "Help". [another popup menu will appear]
  1. Select "About Windows Media Player" and then click. [a window will popup]
  1.  Confirm what version of WMP you have.
  • If you have WMP 11 continue to Step 2
  • If you do not have WMP 11 use Windows Updates to download WMP 11.
  • If you have WMP 12 click here to view our how-to guide on how to set up streaming with WMP 12.

STEP 2. Enabling Sharing In WMP 11

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  1. Open Windows Media Player.
  2. Click on "Library" on the top banner. [a drop down menu will appear, if not click "Library" again]
  1. Click on "Media Sharing" [a popup window will appear]
  1. Check the box that says "Share my Media", and then click ok.
  2. Note: If the sharing service has been disabled on the computer WMP will not continue after this point. Continue to Step 3 "Enabling Media Sharing Service On PC" for further assistance.

  1. The window will expand and show all devices on the network that accepts media sharing. The TV will appear in the box,.click on it and then click allow.
  1. After allowing the TV click "Ok" to close the window.
  1. The media will now be shared to the TV.

STEP 3. Enabling Media Sharing Service On PC

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  1. Open the control panel on the PC
  1. In classic view, double click "Administrative Tools"
  1. Double Click "Services"
  1. Scroll Down and double click "Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service" [A popup window will appear]
  1. Look at the "Startup Type" this should be set to Automatic
  2. Look at the "Service Status" This should be "Started"

    If the setup looks like the image below sharing is disabled and the computer will not share the media on the computer.

    To enable sharing set startup to "Automatic" and click "Apply" and then click "Start". [a progress bar will appear]. Click "Ok" to exit.