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31463. How To Install Your New SSD Drive


STEP 1. What You Will Need


  • Your new Samsung SSD
  • Screwdriver (usually a small Phillips)
  • Note: Apple laptops also require a special T6 Torx screwdriver.

  • Container to hold loose screws
  • Your computer�s user manual
  • A copy of your preferred operating system

STEP 2. Before You Start

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  1. Copy all your computer’s fi les, applications and settings to an external drive or online storage system. You’ll need to restore these items after installing the SSD.
  2. Discharge any static electricity before handling your SSD to avoid damage.
  3. Turn off the computer and unplug any external cables.


STEP 3. Remove The Current Drive

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  1. Open the computer’s case and locate the hard drive bay(s). If necessary, disassemble the hard drive rack bracket or the case itself to access the drive.
  2. Note: Opening the case and locating the current drive requires different steps depending on which model of computer you are using. Refer to your computer’s user manual for specific instructions.

  3. Find and remove your current drive by first detaching any screws, spacer brackets or panels holding it in place. Save any screws, brackets or other parts for later reassembly.
  4. Gently remove the drive from its bay, taking care not to jerk or pull the cable attaching it to the computer. If the drive has a pull tab, use that as a handle to remove it from the bay.
  5. Separate the SATA cable, or SATA and power cables, from the drive by carefully pulling their connectors straight away from the drive.

STEP 4. Install The New SSD

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  1. After discharging any static electricity, remove the SSD from its packaging.
  2. Depending on your system, you may need to re-attach the cable or cables before replacing the new SSD into the drive bay. If so, examine the sockets before re-inserting the connectors. They only fit together properly in one direction. If necessary, turn the connector around until the holes and pins line up correctly before attempting to plug it in. Once properly aligned, gently push the connectors straight into their sockets without rocking or using excessive force.
  3. Carefully line up the SSD with any connectors or brackets in the drive bay and gently insert it into place, taking care to re-attach any screws, spacer brackets or panels needed to hold it fi rmly in place.
  4. If you have not already re-attached the cables and connectors, do so now, following the directions in step #2.
  5. Re-attach any external cables.


STEP 5. Configure Your SSD

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Next, you will need to re-load the operating system and copy your previous files and applications onto your new Samsung SSD. For directions on installing your specific operating system, please refer to your computer’s user manual.

STEP 6. Windows Installation Instructions

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  1. You will first need to complete the basic input-output operating system (BIOS) setup process to allow the computer to detect your new SSD. To do this, turn the computer’s power on while pressing the F1, F2 or other designated function key (consult your user manual to confirm which key) and wait for the BIOS setup screen to appear.
  2. From the BIOS setup screen, find the default menu, and choose default settings. If your computer supports IDE HDD Auto Detection, the SSD should automatically be detected. If your computer does not support auto detection, you may need to choose the User Define Mode option within the BIOS setup process and select the correct settings. While completing the BIOS setup process, be sure to select the SSD as your primary drive. (For specific instructions, consult your computer’s user manual or other manufacturer’s documentation.)
  3. Insert the operating system CD or DVD and follow the instructions for installing the operating system on your SSD.
  4. Install the latest software service pack updates and drivers available for your operating system. Many systems do this automatically as part of the operating system installation process.
  5. Copy your computer’s previous files, applications and settings onto the new SSD.


STEP 7. Macintosh Installation Instructions

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  1. Insert the Mac OS X Install Disc, and turn the computer’s power on while pressing the “Option” key.
  2. After the installer loads, select the Disk Utility from the menu bar, and follow the instructions to format the new SSD.
  3. Install the operating system.
  4. Copy your computer’s previous files, applications and settings onto the new SSD.