What is a Samsung account?

Last Update date : 30.08.2022

Your Samsung Account is a service that allows you to use Samsung services on smartphones, tablets, websites, televisions and other devices. With a Samsung account, you can enjoy various Samsung services with no need to log in every time you open an app or website.

View of the log in screen of Samsung accounts on multiple devices.

Your Samsung account

A Samsung account is a membership service that lets you enjoy Samsung content on smartphones, tablets, websites, TVs etc. You can use multiple Samsung services with one Samsung account, without having to register for each service separately. 

What can I do with a Samsung account

Here are just a few of the services you can access with your Samsung account: 

  • Samsung Pay for easy payments using your mobile device.
  • SmartThings for connecting all your Internet of Things devices.
  • Samsung Cloud for storing and backing up your data. 

How to create more than one account

You can create a Samsung account for each unique email address you use. 

Please note: You can create multiple Samsung accounts if you have multiple email addresses, but you won't be able to merge those accounts at any time. Each account is treated separately and the information in each account is managed independently. 

For more information, visit the Samsung Account website

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