T Fondaco Dei Tedeschi

Venice, Italy

"This Fondaco Dei Tedeschi is one of the oldest buildings in Venice. It is exciting that Samsung was selected as a partner for this historical site. We did our best to create a pleasant shopping environment while maintaining the beauty inside the building. Ducts and Wall-Mounted units provide cooling and heating in every corner of the high-ceilinged rooms. Of course, in order to maintain the beauty of the building, the ducts were hidden from view. We’re very proud of this project."

Diego Ciocca
Presales & Technical Support Manager


MSP Duct: 37 Units
Concealed Floor-Standing: 16 Units
Hydro Kit: 2 Units
Wall-Mounted: 23 Units
Ceiling: 3 Units


DVM S Eco: 3 Units (18HP)
DVM S HR: 8 Units (158HP)