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Las Vegas, NV # January 8, 2002 # Digital Freedom -- the ultimate evolution of digital convergence, ensuring a totally seamless integration of devices and networks -- is the CE industry’s newest challenge and opportunity, according to Dr. Daeje Chin, Samsung Electronics’ President and CEO of Digital Media Business, and this year’s Consumer Electronics Show(CES) 2002 keynote presenter.

In his keynote, Dr. Chin emphasized the fundamentals of Digital Freedom: providing products that are so amazing that consumers will be totally excited about their new digital experience, making content and services accessible anytime and anyplace, and offering the most advanced products with the most value at affordable prices.

“We at Samsung are committed to providing every customer the freedom from limitations of time and space in accessing whatever services they want,” Dr. Chin told the CES audience. “This is true Digital Freedom, and it should be available to everyone regardless of age, culture or geography.”

Dr. Chin discussed Samsung’s hopes to accelerate the pace of Digital Freedom through a variety of strategic alliances that cross industry lines to create new, breakthrough products and services. In particular, Dr. Chin urged the development of new and innovative products and services that bridges the gap in both technology and industry practices including privacy issues, personal data security, and digital rights management.

Dr. Chin previewed Samsung’s vision with a forward looking demo where a home computer is used as a central media server and control device for both consumer electronics and home appliances. The demo showed how seamless connectivity, easy controllability for all home devices, and the convenience of managing family information come together to enable Digital Freedom.

In addition, Dr Chin introduced a wireless hand PC, NEXiO which will play a key role in Digital Freedom both inside and outside the home in the post-PC era. With a NEXiO, users will be able to view the Internet through a 5.1” reflective LCD screen with a WVGA(800 x 480) resolution that recreates a desktop viewing experience. The capabilities of the NEXiO will significantly change the lifestyle and work style when wireless LAN and IMT 2000 provide sufficient broadband capabilities. This wireless handheld computer will be the most important post-PC product in this decade.

Dr. Chin also highlighted products including i300 (PDA phone), which received “The Best Products of The Year” from Business Week; a 63-inch plasma screen, which is the largest PDP in the world; a new 40-inch TFT-LCD monitor; and the DVD Combo. All of the products embody Samsung’s vision of Digital Freedom and the company’s commitment to new experiences in digital convergence.

In his keynote, Dr. Chin proved that Samsung is making a fast transformation as a new leader in the digital era by obtaining core digital technologies and solutions.

He is also confident that through Samsung’s well balanced business portfolio, (digital media, information & communications and semiconductors) the company can move quickly to meet customer needs and deliver more valuable convergence products.

Samsung Electronics made a start in a relatively disadvantageous position in the analog era, but is confident that it had the same starting point as other companies in the digital era and is establishing its position as a new leader in the new era of Digital Freedom.

Dr. Chin, who joined Samsung Electronics in 1985 as a project leader for 4Mb/16Mb DRAM, brought great success to its Semiconductor business including achievement of number 1 position in supplying for DRAMs in 1992, and has been strengthening Samsung’s digital media business by combining its cutting-edge semiconductor technologies with digital consumer electronics products since January of 2000 when he became a President and CEO of the Digital Media Business of Samsung Electronics.

[Samsung Products]

Samsung Electronics made several other announcements today, to highlight the products discussed in the keynote and their place within the industry. Key products include:
* SPH-i300 # The SPH-i300 combines a Palm-OS® based PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) with a CDMA Phone. This compact wireless intelligent terminal, known as the SPH-i300, has a large screen just like a PDA and offers wireless Internet connection and the ability to send and receive email. It has been on the market in the United States since the end of October, 2001. The SPH-i300 received “The Best Products of The Year” from Business Week and won CES 2002 Innovations Awards.

* Home Media Center # A new-concept Home Media Center with a simple user interface will enable everyone to take full advantage of new audio/video offerings. The Home Media Center will allow consumers to view personal videos, play audio files (MP3, WMA), display photos, and watch, control and record live TV with a single PC that will support a remote control and “anywhere in the room” user interface. This new Home Media Center is a result of a previously announced agreement between Samsung and Microsoft where the two companies agreed to develop and market a new breed of products that would change consumer lifestyles and work styles based on Samsung hardware and the Microsoft Windows operating system.

* NEXiO # Its first entry into this category, Samsung’s wireless handheld PC#the S150 #comes with a 5.1 inch reflective LCD screen with VGA (800 x 480) resolution and a built-in wireless module that operates on the Windows CE platform. The screen is large enough so that the Internet can be viewed without having to scroll left and right. A built-in cdma2000-1x (OS-95C) CPU allows high-speed data transmission for full online access anytime, anyplace. NEXiO is widely recognized as a pioneer product for the Post-PC era.

* 63-inch plasma screen # With the advent of worldwide digital broadcasting, plasma display panel TVs are expected to soar in popularity over the next decade as the preferred model for television viewing. The Korean-based manufacturer plans to capitalize - selling 50,000 PDP TVs in the worldwide this year, with total sales rising to 250,000 units in 2003 and 1 million units in 2005.

* TFT-LCD 40-inch monitor # The first-ever 40-inch LCD television-ready flat panel monitor, Samsung’s latest introduction is intended for use in high-performance, wide-screen digital TVs. The new 40-inch TFT-LCD has more than twice the pixels of a 42-inch VGA (Video Graphics Array) plasma display panel-- giving it much better picture clarity and resolution. The monitor has approximately 980,000 pixels (1280 horizontally by 768 vertically) to provide a wide screen with XGA (extended Graphics Array) definition.

* DVD Combo # Billed as the “everything in one” system, Samsung’s DVD-2000 is dual-vision DVD player and VCR wrapped into one easy-to-use unit that is also CD, CD-R, MP3 (kept in CD) Video CD and Super VHS compatible. In addition, a technological advance, this “DVD Combo” offers a DTS decoder and digital Dolby, while the VCR has four heads and Hi-Fi sound. The DVD Combo has been on the market since April, 2001 in the US.

Conference and Trade Show Details
CES 2002 is being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from
January 8 # 11, 2002. Samsung products will be showcased in :
- Booth 657 Central Hall (Digital Media)
- Booth 11206 South Hall (Information & Communications)

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