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June 28, 2002 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG Corning Drastically Strengthens Cutting-Edge Coating Business

Plan to show all kinds of next-generation coating products at the market

"The field is on thin glass or plastic face.
Eyes get less tired, though you watch the monitor or TV for a long time.
Adopt the touch screen which the monitor recognizes touch of fingers."

All these things are impossible without the so-called "coating" technique.
In a word, the coating technique means coating various materials on glass or plastic surface very minutely for special functions.
Samsung Corning has done business focusing on cell phone glass and ITO(Indium Tin Oxide)

used for various panels in the coating sector but decides to strengthen the state-of-art coating business sector drastically by advancing into the sector requiring next-generation coating technique such as coating for PDP, TFT-LCD, and organic EL with its recent participation in the rapidly growing coating sector as a turning point.

First, as one of them,

- Samsung Corning has a completion ceremony of a film coating plant on June 27th at kumi establishment rising to the surface as an essential material for every kind of mobile devices besides PDA.

- The film coating products are manufactured goods which electric and optical functions are added by multi-layer coating on the flexible plastic substrate substitutional or supplemental in function to the existing glass as well as the single-layer coating.

- Samsung invested 173 million USD in the film coating business sector, and it will primarily produce goods already finished developing after 1-year research:

▶Film coating products for touch panels used in all kinds of mobile devices including PDA etc..
(Functional Effect: Transparent Electrode Function - The coating is transparent and electric so that it can recognize the place about outside input signal)
▶Film coating products for inorganic EL used in outside signboard or the back light of cell phones
(Functional Effect: Transparent electrode function used to generate light)
▶Film Coating Products for Light Control Glass Electrode
And then it will drive forward diversification to highly advanced coating products including those for TFT, LCD, PDP, and organic EL.
(Functional Effect: Transparent electrode function used in manufacturing windows capable of controlling light volume)

Most of these products excluding some supply-type products have been imported from leading companies in U.S.A. or Japan but the localization will contribute to Korean device makers' development at proper time as well as proper date of delivery leading to securing competitive power against overseas leading companies.

The film coating plant scheduled to enter into mass production in July will yearly produce 2 million sq.m for full-scale export to overseas display-related companies including Japan and Taiwan etc. as well as for supply to Korean companies besides Samsung SDI.
Samsung Corning is now supplying ITO coating products for STN to overseas 45 companies.

A person concerned at the company said, "Thanks to the localization of film coating products as a key material used in various plane display, we expect 87 million USD import substitution effect by 2005."

Further, Samsung Corning plans to increase the sales of coating business sector to 260 million USD by 2006 from 100 million USD in 2001 through strategic cooperation with both domestic and overseas related companies and research/technique/sales capacity based on the existing ITO coating glass business.
Also, it will take the current 15% M/S up to 24% and invest additional 100 billion Korean won for 5 years.

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