April 24, 1998 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG Electronics Unveils World's Lightest PCS Handset

SEOUL, Korea - April, 24, 1998 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., at 79 grams, Matsushita's P205 (TDMA format) has touted as the world's lightest wireless handset, but now Samsung Electronics has come out with a PCS handset (model: SPH-6310) that weighs in at just 77 grams. Samsung plans to put the SPH-6310 on the market in May.

The SPH-6310 is 10 grams lighter than Motorola's Startac Lite, which was announced as the lightest GSM handset in March. In addition to being light, the new Samsung product is loaded with advanced features such as voice recognition dialing, voice memos, rapid Korean character input, instant dial, stopwatch, calculator, and 100 number memory.

Greater parts integration and a single printed circuit board (other wireless handsets have two) reduce the weight of the basic unit to just 59 grams. In addition, Samsung introduces the world's first "lithium polymer" battery. The handset is a fashionable bar type aimed at younger buyers.

The lithium polymer battery is an improvement over the current lithium-ion battery, as it is lighter and smaller. The new battery can also be made into a variety of shapes to suit different handset designs. New types can be commercialized in just six weeks, enabling the company to respond quickly to a fast changing market.

The small version lithium polymer battery provides 30 minutes of call time and 8 hours on standby, while the high-capacity version gives 240 minutes of call time and 80 hours on standby.

With the SPH-6310 in its lineup, Samsung expects to export 3 million CDMA handsets, worth an estimated US$900 million, this year.

Main Specifications : Size - 122mm x 46mm x 22mm, Weight - 77g

Basic Functions : 1 Voice dialing
2 Short message service
3 Message editing on transmission menu
4 Korean/English short message service
5 Ring selection (13 types)
6 2 reception modes (ritng/
7 Call time display
8 Phone number/name memory (100 entries)
9 Reserve call notification
10 Alarm (daily, one time only)
11 Automatic number transmission when sending pager message
12 Date/time/day display

Additional Functions : 1 Rapid Korean character input (100,000-word memory)
2 Dial without prefix
3 Rapid dial
4 Stopwatch
5 Calculator
6 Alternate melodies for telephone ring
7 Dual time (local, world)
8 Call time display/current time display/automatic redial
9 Default applications such as optical dial/connection verification

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a US $13 billion flagship company of Korean-based the Samsung Group, is a world leader in electronics, with operations in more than 60 countries.

Jenny Chung
Corporate Communications
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Tel. (82-2-727-7692,7838/7823)
Email: jhnee@samsung.co.kr

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