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SAMSUNG Electronics Introduces Digital Multi-function Printer with Double-sided Printing

Seoul, Korea-August 4th, 2003 SAMSUNG Electronics, the leader of the Korean laser printer market, has now come out with a multi-functional digital laser machine (SCX-5315F) with double-sided printing feature for .

The operator simply presses a button and the new product prints on both sides of the paper and sorts the pages in order. Double-sided printing, a sophisticated function found only in full-sized photocopiers and multi-function printers until now, saves paper and allows flexible document formatting. This feature is a must in homes or offices that have heavy printing/photocopying loads.

Another standard feature is the automatic document feeder (ADF), which allows the user to take full advantage of everything this digital multi-functional machine has to offer. The SCX-5315F performs many functions that would be impossible with a conventional multi-function printer. For example, it can scan two pages onto a single page, automatically adjust the copy layout and photocopy a preset number of copies.

Mr. Kang Ki-hoon of the SAMSUNG Electronics Digital Printing Business Division, Korea Marketing Group spoke confidently about the new product:“This laser multi-functional machine has been designed to accommodate the growing market for lower-priced laser multi-function printers. It will accelerate expansion of a new market niche.”

The 4-in-1 (photocopier, scanner, printer and fax) SCX-5315F, which will retail for W1.2 million, copies at 15 pages per minute, can scan 3D objects and transmits faxes at 33.6Kbps. In addition, SAMSUNG Electronics is offering the SCX5115, a 3-in-1 model (printer, photocopier and scanner) that will come with a W1 million price tag.

Product Specifications*

Basic Features
- Automatic document feeder (30 sheets)
- 550-sheet feeder cassette, 100-sheet manual feeder

- 15 page-per-minute output
- 1200dpi resolution
- Parallel, USB ports
- Double-sided printing feature

- 15 page-per-minute output
- 600dpi resolution
- 25-400% enlargement
- double-sided photocopying, 2-up, auto-fit, clone

- 600 x 600 dpi color scanner
- Continuous scan with automatic document feeder
- Smarthru 3 bundle software available (scan to email, OCR, scanner sharing)

Fax Machine
- 33.6Kbps transmission
- 40-number one-touch dialing
- 4MB memory (over 320 pages of incoming messages)
- Double-sided fax transmission
- Color document transmission
* For domestic model only. Subject to change without notice

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