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August 15, 2004 in Social Responsibility News

Olympic RendezVous @ SAMSUNG

August 15, 2004 (Athens)- The Olympic Rendezvous at Samsung (OR@S) is open to the public and athletes and their families who visit OAKA (Athens Olympic Sports Complex) from August 13 th until 29 th . OR@S will be an entertainment center during the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games to host “National Days”, a series of cultural entertainment events to celebrate various cultures of nations and share the Olympic experience with all the spectators . Well known past and current Olympians will participate in National Days which be fronted by Samsung Athlete Ambassadors including Sydney Gold medallist Cathy Freeman and British Gold Medal Hope Darren Campbell . Fans will be able to meet their national heroes and heroines, enjoy especially created themed events, musical performances and a spectacular laser show.
The first of eight events will be Korean National Day on Sunday 15 th which is South Korean Independence Day. This will be followed by National days for Italy, Russia, UK, France, Greece, China and Germany (see schedule below).
Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer of Samsung Electronics, Mr. Il-Hyung Chang said, “Samsung is proud to be hosting this multicultural festival celebrating the diversity of the nations of the world. Visitors will be entertained by dance performances, bands and traditional entertainment . ”
For each National Day, the OR@S has organized a colorful mix of the nations ' traditional music and dance, futuristic technology and a chance to meet some of the world's leading athletes each of whom was also a Samsung Olympic Torchbearer. The highlights will include a ‘ Masterclass' where spectators will have a brief class of disciplines from athletes followed by Q&A session .
The athletes will be:

•  Cathy Freeman, former 400m Olympic Gold medallist from Australia

•  Darren Campbell, a British 200m sprinter

•  Alessio Boggiatto, an Italian swimmer

•  Niki Xanthou, a long jumper from Greece

•  Miguel Indurain,a former Olympic cyclist from Spain

•  Elena Dementieva, a Russian tennis player

•  Stephane Diagana, the French retired 400 meter hurdler

•  Andre Wessels, German foil fencer
The athletes will be talking about the challenges involved in their particular sport, giving demonstrations and answering Q&As. In addition, there will be a stunning live laser and music show at each event. This will be an especially choreographed and tailored performance by artists from the various countries. Each event will provide autograph, photograph and some interview opportunities.
All of these events will be held at The Olympic Rendezvous @ Samsung, which has been designated the “ Official Meeting place for Athletes and their Families ” and is a landmark point of interest for spectators. Over 300,000 visitors are expected to visit it during the period of The Games.
As one of the centerpiece s of Samsung's worldwide partnership of the Olympic Games , the OR@S also showcases Samsung's latest cutting-edge technology in wireless communications equipment. This includes WOW (Wireless Olympic Works) tailored technology provided by Samsung which allows ATHENS 2004 officials and organizers to access up-to-the-minute Olympic scores and other data.
The OR@S is located within the Athens Olympic Sports Complex (OAKA) next to the Olympic Superstore and the Neratziotissa entrance.

Event Schedule at OR@S


National Day

Aug 15

Korea National Day

Aug 16

Italy National Day

Aug 17

Russia National Day

Aug 18

UK National Day

Aug 19

France National Day

Aug 20

Greece National Day

Aug 21

China National Day

Aug 22

Germany National Day



Interviews may be available, please arrange in advance by contacting Tanya Veingard (international) on +30 697 225 5925 or Haris Makrakou (Greek) on +30 694 880 0746.

Notes to editors:

Samsung athlete ambassadors include: Sydney Gold medallist Cathy Freeman (Aus) , Sprinter Darren Campbell (UK), swimmer Alessio Boggiatto (Italy), fencing star Andre Wessels (Germany), tennis player Elena Dementieva (Russia), legendary Spanish cyclist and Atlanta 1996 gold medallist Miguel Indurain, long jumper Niki Xanthou from host country Greece and 400 meter hurdler Stephane Diagana (France)
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in telecommunication technology. Samsung Electronics employs approximately 88,000 people in 89 offices across 46 countries. The company is the world's third largest producer of mobile phones in quantity and the second largest producer of mobile phones in sales volume. Since 1997 Samsung has been the Olympic Partner in the wireless communications equipment category. Samsung was a Proud Presenter of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Torch Relay.

For more information, please visit the web site, http://www.samsung.com  
For more information:

Tanya Veingard (International) / Haris Makrakou (Greek)

Samsung Olympic Games Press Office

O: +30 210 003 7257

M: +30 697 225 5925 / +30 694 880 0746

E: tanya_veingard@uk.cohnwolfe.com / hmakrakou@theprteam.gr

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