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May 24, 2006 in TV + Video News

SAMSUNG’S New Line Of SlimFit HDTVs Garner NO 1 Marketshare And Revitalize CRT Category

New York, NY - Samsung Electronics revitalized its CRT HDTV sales this year when its best-selling SlimFit™ TV, which is 30% slimmer than standard CRT TVs, shot to the top of the Digital Direct View CRT category with 42% market share (based on NPD sell-thru data). In 2006, Samsung responded to consumer demand for affordable high definition TVs with the introduction of two new 27" and 30" SlimFit models that offer greater connectivity, enhanced HDTV picture, and more design options to complement any home décor.

"Samsung started a revolution in CRT technology and sales with the introduction of its SlimFit TVs, which were visibly slimmer than conventional CRT TVs," said Kevin Cahill, Senior National Marketing Manager for SlimFit and Direct View TVs for Samsung Electronics America. "Samsung's 2006 models let our customers better integrate their television into their interiors, either with a design that puts the speakers on the bottom, or a wider design with side speakers. These design elements, coupled with two HDMI digital connections and a great HD picture, gives consumers a truly impressive HDTV that is available for under $900."

30" Models

Samsung's breakthrough TX-S3082WH 30" SlimFit HDTV is 30 percent slimmer than a conventional CRT TV. The Nano Pigment Screen produces deeper colors, higher contrasts and a wider range of color expression, providing a more vibrant picture than current CRT TVs. The side speakers offer wide-screen design impact that takes advantage of the 16:9 aspect ratio. The silver bezel provides a cohesive look for the front of the set, creating a unity of style that is elegant and modern.

The built-in HDTV tuner (ATSC/NTSC) lets users access digital broadcasts, while progressive scan and 3:2 pull down deliver a crisp, flicker-free picture. The TX-S3082WH offers two HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) digital connections so users can enjoy both digital picture and sound. Two auto sensing HD/DVD component video inputs allow for true HD resolution from HD peripherals, and SRS audio technology combines with the 20-watt built-in speakers to provide robust sound quality.

The TX-S3080WH 30" Wide SlimFit HDTV features built-in speakers on the bottom, making the unit perfect for more narrow TV cabinets. The 16" slim depth SlimFit CRT provides an easy fit into every home entertainment center. Samsung's 30" Wide SlimFit features a built-in HDTV tuner (ATSC/NTSC) meeting the industry guidelines for tuning in to free over-the-air digital broadcasts. The finer pixel dot pitch flat CRT improves picture resolution and brightness, while 3:2 pull down film frame rate correction keeps the picture smooth, further enhancing the movie-viewing experience.

With an INVAR shadow mask and color temperature adjustments, the TX-S3080WH maximizes response to temperature changes. Velocity scan modulation improves edge detail, while SRS Sound 5.1 processing provides quality 20-watt stereo audio. The TX-S3080WH offers true compatibility with high-resolution progressive scan DVD players with the HD/DVD component video input (auto sensing) and digital signal processing. Two HDMI inputs provide optimal signal transfer from digital peripheral devices and a multi-function universal remote control adds greater convenience.

27" Models

Like it's 30" siblings, Samsung's TX-S2782H 27" SlimFit HDTV-the world's slimmest 27" CRT TV-offers improved brightness, contrast, and color compared to any current CRT TV. The built-in HDTV tuner lets users watch shows in true high definition, and the Nano Pigment Screen deepens contrast and enhances color for a more vivid picture. Consumers can watch movies in theater style with the 16:9 aspect ratio, while the progressive scan and 3:2 pull down provide clear, stable picture.

Two HDMI digital connections and two auto sensing HD/DVD component video inputs let users enjoy optimal sound and video quality from digital components, regardless of input signal fluctuations. 20-watt built-in speakers with SRS audio technology match the performance of this TV for a balanced home theater experience.

The TX-S2783 27" Side Speaker SlimFit SDTV offers the super-slim CRT footprint only available from Samsung. The TX-S2783 displays in 480i analog, but offers a built-in ATSC tuner to receive digital signals through antenna. The 27" SlimFit features a side speaker design with a classic silver bezel look that fits where ordinary CRTs don't. Digital comb filter and color temperature adjustments provide clear and crisp picture, and SRS Sound 5.1 processing offers outstanding sound. Convenient front panel control key buttons allow users to access menu settings without the remote.

The set features a 14-watt side speaker stereo audio system with normal, wide & zoom screen filling audio modes, and five preset sound options to optimize the audio for any content. The TX-S2783 provides full connectivity to all of the latest digital devices with a 480i DVD component input, two composite A/V inputs, two s-video inputs and a fixed a/v monitor input.

The 30" TX-S3082WH are available for $899 MSRP; 30" TX-S3080WH for $899 MSRP; the 27" TX-S2782H for $699 MSRP; and the 27" TX-S2783 for $499 MSRP.

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