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December 01, 1999 in Social Responsibility News

SAMSUNG SDI to Announce Its Vision and Goals

Also, the company forecast to see 12.5 billion dollars of sales in the year of 2005. By sector, the company expects 5.4 billion dollars from its major business such as brown tube and STN-LCD, and 3.6 billion dollars from its new businesses such as PDP 2nd generation battery, FED and EL. Its ordinary profit is expected to quadruple to 1.7 billion dollars, realizing around 15% of the gross margin.

The company plans to lower the portion of CRT business. Instead, it should focus on the development of innovative CRT to lead a rapid growth. Through the development of portable electronic device display based on 2nd battery business, and new display such as PDP and FED, the company expects to boost the sales revenue from the new businesses by more than 40%.

For this, SDD plans to invest a total of 3.2 billion dollars by the year 2005, which consists of 833 million dollars on the existing business sector, 2.4 billion dollars on the new business and R&D sector.

In particular, the company focuses on the R&D by increasing the R&D ratio to 6% of its sales revenue and increases the number of employees of the R&D facilities from 800 to 1800 people. The company plans to start building its new R&D facilities from next week.

Mr. Yongro Song, the CEO of SDD announced its [21st century vision] and its detailed strategies to boost its 4 major products to make the leading products in the globe.

First, in an anticipation of rising market demand in line with changing preferences in quality, shape and the size of CRT, the company should focus on the high resolution, flat, large sized plasma products with lightweight. As such, the company should raise its market share from the current 20% to 27% in the year of 2005.

Second, the PDP business, which entered into a pilot production stage, will be fostered to be a core business by creating a highly lucrative big-sized wall-hanging TV market. For this, cost saving through technology innovation will be essential, through which the company will be able to realize the 20% occupation of the world's market by the year 2005.

Third, development of new displays including the organic ELD will be activated to aggressively attack the portable electronic equipment market. Besides, the performance of the STN-LCD will be greatly enhanced in order to hold 20% market share of the world by 2003.

Fourth, in the polymer battery business, the company plans to introduce innovative ones featuring thin and light design along with long life span. The company expects to hold about 34% market share in the world by the year 2004.

In addition to the four key businesses, the company designated the Seven Values, which should be shared by all staff membersof the company to create a new corporate culture through which it can accomplish the 21st Century Vision and the management goal.

Those Seven Values include
.Vision, which represents the strong will to create a new future,

.Customer, meaning that the company will provide the highest value for customers,

.Quality, to be the top in every sector,

.Innovation, to always seek something new,

.Communication which will abolish any barriers inside the organization,

.Competency, meaning to cultivate competency of the company and each individual staff, and

.Integrity to be upright in one's mind and behavior.

Semiconductors, displays and secondary batteries will be three core subjects of the electronic business in the coming 21st century. Of those, the company is actively involved in the display and secondary businesses. But the current name of Samsung Display Devices is not sufficient to deliver the image of advancement and growth of the company, thus requires a new name, which will better represent the company's businesses and future vision. The new name, Samsung SDI, therefore, was adopted and declared after a survey on company staff, shareholders and customers.

The new name, [Samsung SDI] stands for Samsung with the initial letter S, 'Display' and 'Digital' with D and 'Interface' and 'Internet Component' with I. The new name is representing the image of the company actively involved in highly advanced Internet component-related areas such as digital, display and secondary battery businesses, core businesses in the 21st century.

The company will announce the change of the company name and its 21st Century Vision on December 1 at the Suwon City Gymnasium, where about 2,000 company staff, shareholders, executives and partners are invited to come.

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