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SAMSUNG Develops Mobile Phone that Doubles as Audio Player

on Aug 04, 1999

- Product is a combination mobile phone and MP3-player. - All MP3-player functions are built-in. - Product weighs just 94g and is a super-slim 19mm thick. - Standard battery provides 160 minutes of consecutive talk time or 11 hours of music play time.

SEOUL, Korea - August 4, 1999 - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has built a sophisticated digital audio MP3- player into a super-slim mobile phone. The MP3 Phone (model: SPH-M2100) is an ideal blend of Samsung technology covering super-slim wireless handsets, MP3-players coupled with the company's flash memory chips.

The SPH-M2100 allows users to download high-quality music off the Internet. For incoming calls, they can press the call button on the ear-phone to connect. The handset can also be set so that no calls come in.

A 16MB flash memory chip is built in, allowing the handset to store up to four songs or 20 minutes of foreign language conversation lessons. The handset can record on either standby or talk, and it features all the functions of a regular MP3 player such as Repeated Phrase Playback and Playback Mode Setup.

All automated functions are indicated by graphics or animation on the phone LCD. A separate remote control unit can be used to operate both music and call functions. The music and foreign language conversation files can be downloaded from the Internet to the mobile phone by a dedicated file managing program. An SM3 file decryption algorithm has been built in to prevent illegal copying.

Samsung Electronics has applied sophisticated design technology and component integration to make the unit a super-slim 19mm and an ultra-light 94g. The MP3 mobile phone is targeted at buyers in their 20's and 30's-persons who tend to use the Internet the most. The unit comes in metallic silver, a favorite for the youth market.

In spite of all the functions, a standard battery will power the unit for 160 minutes of continuous talk time or up to 90 hours on standby. The MP3 player function is designed to be highly energy efficient, and up to 11 hours of music can be listened to on a single battery charge.

The SPH-M2100 is scheduled to go on the Korean market on August 12th. The company plans to offer a 32MB memory capacity version this coming September.

Samsung Electronics expects to sell some 250,000 MP3 Phones in the Korean market this year. Export prospects also look bright with the rapid increase in MP3 Phone sales. Samsung plans to start exporting its new product by the end of this year.

Product Spec
Size: 105mm (length) x 45mm (width) x 19mm / 22mm (depth)
Weight: 94g (slim battery) / 120g (standard battery)
Voltage: 3.6 volts
Color: Metallic Silver

Battery: Slim Standard
Continuous Talk: 90 minutes 160 minutes
Stand-by: 16-48 hours 30-90 hours
Continuous Play: 4-6 hours 8-11 hours

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., with 1998 sales revenue of US$16.6 billion, is a world leader in the electronics industry. The Korean-based firm has operations in 46 countries with 42,000 employees worldwide. The company consists of three main business units: Multimedia & Home Appliances, Semiconductors and Information & Telecommunications. For more information, please visit our website, http://www.samsungelectronics.com


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