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  • A large digital sign above a fruit stall is displaying information about prices and promotions.  A large digital sign above a fruit stall is displaying information about prices and promotions.


    See how Samsung can help you engage customers by providing a seamless and personalized in-store experience.


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  • Interactive Shopping Journey

    Interactive Shopping Journey

    Create a tailored and seamless experience to engage shoppers

    • Increase revenue by stimulating purchase intention.
    • Boost customer satisfaction with personalised shopping experiences.
    • Attract return customers with convenient digital technology.

    would like to receive promotions, recommendations, or reviews for items they are browsing. 1

    1(Accenture, 2015)
    A shopper is viewing a customised advertisement on his mobile device, with the same advertisement on a digital wall display in the background.
    Entice shoppers with vivid images and targeted promotions
    Attract customers with brand images and product sale information even before they set foot in your retail space. Vibrant, dynamic content on a well-placed Video Wall with MagicInfo solution can grab potential customers’ attention, drawing them in. As they approach the entrance, use Location-based Services to push targeted promotions to the shopper’s mobile to give them even more incentive to enter.
    A customer is using a tablet installed on shop shelves to view information on the food products on sale.
    Provide a point of reference for shoppers in the right place at the right time
    Once in the store, a Display with MagicInfo solution can greet your shoppers and provide them with all the information they need to start their shopping experience. Helpful guides like floor maps let shoppers check product locations, and advertisements can introduce them to limited-time sales and in-store specials. Everything is there to assist your customers on their retail journey.
    A consumer is using an interactive screen to shop and to view information on an article of clothing in a menswear store.
    Design a unique brand experience with vibrant technology
    On the fashion floor, it’s all about personalising the shopping experience. With Location-based Services, you can set touch-points so shoppers in those areas receive targeted promotions relevant to the products they’re seeing. Interactive Kiosks with MagicIWB solution offer virtual fitting rooms along with recommendations. Your shoppers can browse a look book, see what other items match with their selections, and even check the inventory for availability.
    A consumer is using her mobile device to view information on food and produce promotions, and to receive coupons.
    Relay information to digital screens to enhance the food shopping experience
    Grocery time! Placing Interactive Kiosks with MagicIWB solution at various points lets customers easily search for products and navigate their way through the store. Helpful nutritional information, ingredients, pairing suggestions and recipes can also be found on the kiosks as well as on in-store tablets for a more personal shopping experience. And with Electronic Shelf Labeling, your staff can remotely access product labels and prices, ensuring they are always up-to-date—minimising the chance of mix-ups at checkout.
    A customer is ordering food and consulting the digital menu hanging above the cashier for live updates on the status of menu items.
    Transform the dining experience with digital technology
    It’s time to eat! Self-Order Interactive Kiosks let customers see exactly what’s on the menu, place an order and make secure payments without any need for direct interaction with staff. Or for table service, a Tablet with Mobile POS becomes a fully digitized menu with vibrant images and on-the-spot payment, adding not just convenience but fun to the meal. And of course, all transactions are safe and made possible by a secure Samsung Smart WLAN Solution.
    A consumer is using SAMSUNG pay solution on her mobile device to pay for her purchases.
    Expedite and simplify the payment process
    It’s important to meet the technology-enabled values of your customers at every point of the shopping experience. Self-Checkout Kiosks equipped with credit card payment terminals streamline and simplify the checkout process. Or, equip your staff with a Tablet with Mobile POS so they can help customers checkout anywhere in the store without having to wait in line. Customers can choose to seek out a checkout register or cashiers can be proactive to the customer’s needs and leave a lasting impression.
  • Streamlined Store Operations

    Streamlined Store Operations

    Maximise operational efficiency with connected operations

    • Enhance productivity through real-time digital communication between staff.
    • Save energy and reduce costs by automating and digitizing operations.

    leverage the power of collabouration across their employee network to achieve high performance1

    1(Accenture, 2014)
    A shopper is watching attentively as a shop employee uses his mobile device to pull up relevant information on a product.
    Empower sales associates to assist customers on their decision to buy
    Customer service takes a leap forward when retail sales associates are equipped with Mobile Devices like a tablet, smartphone, or Gear S. They can offer real-time responses to customer queries, check the inventory, and help look for items without ever leaving the customer’s side. On-the-spot payment options and loyalty/VIP membership sign-up through the always secure Smart WLAN Solution mean sales associates can provide assistance to shoppers from the moment they enter to the moment they leave.
    A store manager is communicating with a member of her team via video on her tablet.
    Coordinate front and back-end operations through seamless staff communication
    Reduce the gap between front and back-end operations by equipping your workforce with Mobile Devices that allow for efficient communication with and among staff. Managers can also directly monitor employees and update their schedules in real-time, which employees can check with just a glance at their Gear S. Keep everyone is connected on a secure network with the reliable Smart WLAN Solution which allows for seamless VoIP, data transfer, and LTE-powered handover mechanisms for increased synergy.
    A tablet is linked wirelessly to a printer and enabling an employee to instantly transfer data.
    Achieve streamlined operations through digital automation
    Facilitate efficient workflow between your front and back office with cloud printing solutions. The PrinterOn Cloud Print and SmartThru Workflow3 solutions work together to provide quick and secure cloud printing and digital document management, minimising processing and customer wait time. All the while, the Managed Print Services programme will be monitoring your printing system and notify the service department whenever supplies are low. All this is made possible with Smart WLAN Solution, ensuring seamless device interaction.
    Staff in the control centre are monitoring the temperatures of various locations in the shopping centre through multiple screens.
    Maximise energy efficiency with centralized control and monitoring
    Providing an optimal workplace climate is about more than just basic temperature control. With the System Air Conditioner with DMS and S-Net 3, managing multiple units is easy – even in large numbers. Each unit can be remotely controlled and set individually or as a group according to a variety of control options. Maximise cost-efficiency even further with an energy consumption analysis for economical building management.

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