Should your Samsung product fail for any reason, simply call the Samsung Enterprise Service Desk on 1800 91 92 93.

In most cases, the Samsung Service Desk or Remote Technical Support team will assess the service request and respond within one hour.

Based on the information provided by the customer, they will assign it a severity and support level. This ranges from troubleshooting over the phone for simple issues, through to a commitment of full-time resources including, advanced technical help, liaising with the manufacturer, working around the clock, where the failure is having a significant impact on the customer’s business.

Regardless of the type of service, severity or level of support, the customer can be assured that Samsung authorised and trained personnel are doing whatever it takes to solve the problem.

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To discuss your Samsung service requirements, contact your Samsung Account Director, the Samsung Service Desk or a representative of your Samsung authorised reseller to discuss your desired service types and to find out which services are available with respect to your products.

Service Desk

Tel: 1800 91 92 93

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Once you’ve purchased your Samsung products register them through your Samsung reseller, the Samsung Service Desk or at

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