MC17F808KDT Over the Range Microwave with Slim Fry™, 1.7 cu.ft


MC17F808KDT Over the Range Microwave with Slim Fry™, 1.7 cu.ft This stylish, over-the-range combination oven from Samsung brings convenience and optimum cooking function into your kitchen. Featuring a Simple Clean Filter™ and ceramic enamel coating, the microwave is designed to be easy to clean — outside and in. A built-in LED light fully illuminates your cooktop below, and Speed Cook technology makes maximum use of your cooking time with multiple heat sources. 0 5 0 reviews

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MC17F808KDT Over the Range Microwave with Slim Fry™, 1.7 cu.ft



  • With the Samsung MC17F808KDT oven, cooking is easy and cleaning is easier thanks to features like Speed Cook technology, an LED cooktop light, and a Simple Clean Filter™.

Enjoy Healthier Fried Food

Enjoy Healthier Fried Food
Enjoy fried food without a deep fryer. Samsung's SLIM FRY™ technology combines a grill with warm air circulation to envelop food so it becomes crispy inside and out with only a touch of oil. You will feel good about eliminating excess fat while also avoiding greasy pans and the danger of injuries from hot oil splatters.

Convenience Combined with Healthy Cooking

Convenience Combined with Healthy Cooking
Experience cooking convenience with the Samsung F808 over-the-range. Quick cooking modes, SLIM FRY™ technology and intuitive operation save time in the kitchen while delivering healthy, perfectly prepared food.

Cook Meals Faster

Cook Meals Faster
The Samsung F808 over-the-range is versatile enough to handle a variety of different cooking functions, allowing you to get meals to the table faster. The Surround Heating System combines a convection vent with a grill and microwave heat for optimum cooking efficiency, while Speed Cook technology cooks faster than a conventional oven, heating food evenly every time.

Quick-Clean Filter Filter for Freshness

Quick-Clean Filter Filter for Freshness
The underside of the F808 over-the-range is equipped with a Simple Clean Filter, easily washable with mild soap and water. Located at eye level so you can quickly determine when it needs cleaning, the reusable filter pops in and out with the touch of a finger.

Long-Lasting LED Lights

Long-Lasting LED Lights
Dual LED lighting on the Samsung F808 over-the-range offers evenly distributed light for all of your cooktop needs - from cleaning to cooking, you'll be able to see with ease. Enjoy lower energy consumption with LED lights that last longer, helping you save money on monthly energy bills and long-term bulb replacement.

Dial Up Convenience

Dial Up Convenience
Master any meal with high-performance and accessible technology on the Samsung F808 over-the-range. Use the knob dial to quickly set your desired cook time or select from the Express Menu cooking mode. The easy-to-read Glass Touch Control pad intuitively takes you through each step of the cooking process, so every dish comes out just the way you want it.

Clean with Steam

Clean with Steam
Stop scrubbing and let Samsung's F808 over-the-range oven do the work. Simply fill a bowl with 1/3 cup of water, place it in the center of the oven, then select the Steam Clean function. The water is heated to create steam that loosens grease and food sediment so that it can be easily wiped away, saving you time in the kitchen.

Convenient Auto Chef

Convenient Auto Chef
Enjoy a variety of fresh and healthy meals at your fingertips with one of the 115 pre-programmed modes on the Samsung F808 over-the-range. Speed, Auto Cook, Auto Defrost and Fit Choice settings help you select the right time based on serving size to ensure dishes are cooked perfectly, for conveniently-prepared meals that taste great.

Easy-Clean Ceramic

Easy-Clean Ceramic
No more scrubbing or scratched surfaces. With a ceramic interior, the Samsung F808 over-the-range offers a smooth surface that is easy to clean and will not discolor over time from oil or grease residue. Compared to stainless steel and epoxy interiors, the F808's cavity is anti-bacterial and scratch-resistant, providing long-term superior quality.


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Save Money with ECO Mode

Save Money with ECO Mode

Even at rest, conventional over-the-ranges use power to maintain essential functions. The ECO Mode setting on the new Samsung F808 significantly reduces power usage, delivering savings on monthly energy bills.

tech specs

Dimension of MC17F808KDT/AC


  • Oven Capacity

    1.7 cu.ft.


  • Power Level


  • Output Power (Max)

    900 W

  • Power Consumption (Microwave)

    1500 W

  • Power Source

    120 V / 60 Hz



  • Installation Type



  • Color(Door)


  • Cavity Material

    Ceramic Enamel

  • Display Type


  • Control Method

    Glass Touch

  • Door Type



  • Defrost (Auto / Power / Sensor)

    Yes (Auto)

  • Ventilation Power (CFM)


  • Kitchen Timer


  • Auto Programs


  • Child Safety Lock


  • Sound on/off


  • Various Cooking Mode


  • 30 sec. Plus


  • Turntable On/Off


  • Others

    SLIM FRY, Steam Clean

  • Keep Warm


  • Clock


  • Eco Mode



  • Others

    Ceramic Plate

  • Cleaning Filter


  • Quick Guide Label



  • Cavity (WxHxD)

    20 1/8 x 10 5/16 x 14 inch

  • Outside (WxHxD)

    29 7/8 x 16 15/16 x 17 9/16 inch

  • Shipping (WxHxD)

    33 3/8 x 20 3/16 x 19 7/16 inch

  • Weight (Net)

    34.8 kg

  • Weight (Shipping)

    39.3 kg

  • Loading Quantity (20/40ft)

    305 sets per 40 HQ


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