NV51K6650SS Convection Single Oven with Steam Bake, 5.1 cu.ft


NV51K6650SS Convection Single Oven with Steam Bake, 5.1 cu.ft 0 5 0 reviews
  • Efficiently cook multiple dishes at once
  • Extra bright lighting, extra convenience
  • Simply smart control

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NV51K6650SS Convection Single Oven with Steam Bake, 5.1 cu.ft


Multitasking made simple
The Flex Duo™ system gives you the ultimate in control. The upper and lower cooking zones can be used independently, to cook different dishes simultaneously with different temperature and time settings, or together.
Simply smart control
The Wi-Fi Connectivity gives you peace of mind by letting you remotely monitor and control the oven using a Smartphone App*, while receiving real time alerts about your cooking.
Restaurant-worthy results
The Steam Cook function locks in moisture and vital nutrients while providing a crisp, browned outside and tender inside.
Know when its on
Big Metallic Knobs with illuminated Indicator Knob Control let you quickly know which burners are on and adjust the oven controls. Their large and robust design also makes them easy to grip and ensures enhanced usability.
Know when its on
Brown, juicy roasting with steam
The Steam Roast function ensures the best results when roasting, without food drying out. Roast meats, like poultry, pork and beef are always deliciously brown outside, but meltingly tender and juicy on the inside.
Save time & energy without preheating
There’s no need to waste time and energy preheating the oven. You can begin cooking foods like frozen pizzas immediately, but still enjoy deliciously crisp and perfectly cooked meals. *
Easy Clean
A time saving and hassle free Hybrid Cleaning system cleans the oven without any unpleasant odor or scrubbing. It combines high heat and steam to pyrolyze food and dissolve grease, so it can be quickly wiped away.
Stylishly harmonious handle design
Sleek and contemporary designs work with any kitchen style, plus sophisticated technology makes it easy to manage kitchen tasks, even for ambitious cooks.
Stylishly harmonious handle design

Even and thorough oven cooking or baking

A Dual Convection system cooks food evenly, so it’s great for baking and broiling. Two fans distribute heat all around the oven, so dishes are cooked thoroughly and you can enjoy tasty results.
Even and thorough oven cooking or baking

No sudden slams

A Soft Closing Door closes safely, gently and silently to provide a more peaceful cooking experience. The hinge makes the door move smoothly in the final few centimeters, so it slowly and quietly comes to a stop.
No sudden slams

Easily glides without effort

Features a unique ball bearing design that allows the rack to glide in and out with ease.
Easily glides without effort

tech specs


  • Oven Type

    30" Single Wall Oven

  • Oven Color


  • Door Type

    Drop Down

  • Oven Door Glass


  • Soft Closing Door


  • Display Type


  • Cavity Material


  • Control Method

    Guide Lighting


  • Bake Heater

    8 Pass (3000 W)

  • Broil Heater

    10 Pass (4400 W)

  • Bake


  • Broil


  • Convection Bake


  • Convection Roast


  • Steam Bake


  • Steam Roast


  • Nopeheat Mode


  • Bread Proof


  • Cleaning Method

    Self Clean + Hybrid Clean

  • Wi-Fi Connection


  • Child Safety Lock


  • Clock


  • Cook Timer


  • Language Option


  • Interior Lamp

    Halogen + LED

  • Light (Lamp) On/Off




  • Cutout (WxHxD)

    724 x 692 x 597 mm

  • Outside (WxHxD)

    756 x 726 x 620 mm

  • Shipping (WxHxD)

    850 x 856 x 757 mm

  • Loading Quantity

    84 (40 ft) / 42 (20 ft)

  • Weight (Net)

    62 kg

  • Weight (Gross)

    74 kg


  • Square Wire Rack


  • Meat Probe


  • Gliding Rack



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