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Innovative WLAN technology from Samsung Electronics for the wireless business environment

The wireless enterprise environment has faced a new paradigm shift with the era of the Smart Device. Until recently, the wireless LAN was mainly recognized as one of the ideal complements to wire communications; however, the demand for wireless LAN has risen ...

on Oct 25, 2012

WE Work - Mobile UC Solution For Wireless Enterprise

WE Work from Samsung Electronics is an UC application for use under the wireless network environment inside and outside the company. This collaboration solution helps you better communicate with your colleagues by allowing you to use diverse communication serv...

on Oct 25, 2012

Upcoming new Wi-Fi technologies – IEEE802.11ac

For how long will the speed competition between LTE and Wi-Fi continue? Since the emergence of IEEE802.11n, the speed of Wi-Fi has accelerated dramatically and smartphone users have started to prefer Wi-Fi over 3G. That is not only because of the cost issue bu...

on Oct 24, 2012

Communication Manager, supporting flexible wireless communication in enterprises

Communication Manager (CM) from Samsung is a platform providing various smartphone-based communication services in a flexible manner. It not only provides differentiated mobile unified communication (UC) through interconnection with WE Work but also allows you...

on Oct 24, 2012