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  • Desert Sands Closes the Achievement Gap

    By partnering with Samsung to provide Chromebooks to over 20,000 students, this district is seeing remarkable results.

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  • Smarter Printing for the Digital Classroom

    Samsung is introducing a brave new world of digital workflows for education with the world’s first Android™-powered multifunction printers.

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  • Transforming Wellness Programs

    Learn how connected health solutions can help bring together and communicate a more holistic view of the individual’s health.

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  • Going 1:1 With Samsung Chromebooks

    Learn why thousands of school districts are turning to Chromebooks for an effective 1:1 computing solution for the classroom.

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  • Where Ultra HD Makes a Difference

    UHD is the next step in flat panel display technology after nearly a decade of the Full HD standard—discover the difference.

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  • V-NAND Reshapes Memory and Storage

    Learn about the new Vertical NAND technology powering fast, high-performance and high-capacity SSDs to address growing enterprise data storage needs.

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