Enjoy full features of Unified Communications with Samsung OfficeServ. UC Client provides mobile and flexible workforce to collaborate and communicate easily, productively and creatively through one single application. Streamline your business process and improve your productivity with industry's leading Samsung UC Solution.

Samsung Communicator

OfficeServ Communicator is an integrated communications application able to bring together voice and video communications. It also adds administration functions to allow you to personalise your handset. High end functionality scalable to your business. Get access to big system functions at a price to match your business size. OfficeServ Communicator provides benefits including the ability to dial direct from your Microsoft Outlook contacts list, to see a list of who has called you, who you have called, any missed calls and simple redial on any of the numbers.

Samsung Dataview

OfficeServ DataView is a call monitoring and historical reporting package as well as a comprehensive traffic reporting and analysis tool for OfficeServ system management. DataView provides statistical reports, real time monitoring information on system usage, web-based user interface and periodic reports on the call traffic of OfficeServ system.
OfficeServ DataView consists of server components and web-based application. Users can open Web page of OfficeServ DataView on any PC which is connected to the network.

Samsung Operator

OfficeServ Operator is fully integrated with your voice and data infrastructure to maximize the responsiveness your organization. With the simplicity of "point and click" operation or use of a keyboard, incoming and internal calls can be effectively managed using a variety of features including: Busy Lamp Field Indication, Easy Setup and Configuration, Extension Information, Conference call set up. Providing the advanced functionality of the OfficeServ through the user's PC, OfficeServ Operator solutions are essential for people who manage high volume of calls, and an invaluable application for any busy office.

Samsung UMS

The OfficeServ IP-UMS truly unifies all your Voice Mail and Fax Mail, making your business more responsive, flexible and efficient. The OfficeServ IP-UMS voice processing and Unified Messaging application provides a unified messaging platform allows employees to send and recieve any type of messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Easy to use and manage, the OfficeServ IP-UMS can help your business reduce the number of missed or dropped calls, increase efficiency and improve the levels of customer service you provide. Administrator reports also allow you to view how effectively your investment is being utilised. For example OfficeServ IP-UMS can report how many voice and fax messages each user has taken, or how many times an individual Auto Attendant option is chosen.

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