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Safeguard enterprise
mobility with

Samsung KNOX Workspace supports robust, multi-layered
mobile security
Samsung KNOX Workspace

Samsung KNOX2.0
With enterprise mobility rapidly becoming the norm in the workspace, businesses must keep up with ever-growing threats.
Samsung KNOX Workspace provides a robust hardware- and software-integrated security foundation for the mobile enterprise.
Safeguard data from
leakage with multiple layers
of hardware-and software-
based protection
Samsung KNOX Workspace provides key enhancements for
reinforced hardware and software security with a multi-layered

  • Trusted Boot. ensures a safe startup process through security-critical
    decisions based on recorded measurements.
  • SE for Android. enhances protection by isolating applications and data.
  • Enhancements for TIMA. ensures that security mechanisms cannot be pre-empted or
    disabled by malicious software.
  • Kernel Protection. monitors the kernel in real-time.
  • Keystore. protects encryption keys in the TrustZone®
  • Certificate Manager. secures and manages client certificates in the TrustZone®.
  • KNOX Workspace also offers enhanced and multi-layered mobile security for CC-certified mobile devices,
    which represent the “gold standard” for secure and trusted systems. Common Criteria >
Finger Scanner / Password
Ensure authorized device access with
two-factor biometric authentication
Samsung KNOX Workspace provides a double layer of protection for device access in the form of two-factor biometric authentication. With this method, the employee uses a fingerprint scan to access the container, and then selects a PIN, password, or pattern to complete the authentication. KNOX Workspace authentication ensures that only the authorized device user can access both the device and system.
Provide a safe channel to corporate
assets from mobile devices
Samsung KNOX Workspace supports enterprise virtual private networks (VPNs) through the enhanced KNOX framework. The KNOX framework provides employees with an optimized, secure channel to company resources from personal or corporate-issued devices to improve productivity. Employees can be authenticated through KNOX Workspace’s full support for Microsoft Workplace Join. Workplace Join enables users to register devices with an enterprise to allow access to its data and systems, providing a second factor of device authentication through Active Directory.
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