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Smart Conference

Be productive and collaborative with your team
wherever business takes you.
A cost-effective tool that lets your team
collaborate together wherever they are.

Today's corporate world is now more mobile and global, which requires workforces to use their mobile devices to communicate effectively. Companies need an efficient smartphone-based conferencing service to meet their growing need for anytime, anywhere global collaboration and agile decision making. Samsung Smart Conference helps teams stay connected through conference calls on their mobile devices. Conference call hosts simply download the app to their smartphone, and then open the audio conference by inviting participants directly from the smartphone. Participants receive an inbound call from the Samsung Smart Conference system when the conference is opened. Hosts and participants no longer need to spend time looking up the conference number, entering a password or dialing multiple times to get into the call. Hosts easily set up a conference call and participants just answer their phones to begin collaboration.

Maximize productivity by conducting meetings from your smartphone

The simplicity of the Samsung Smart Conference lets business professionals schedule a conference anytime, anywhere. There's no need to get back to the office for a conference call or remember a dial-in number or any access code. A host can select participants from a company directory synced to a smartphone or from personal contacts. Once a conference call is set up or opened, an email* or text message with the call information is automatically sent to the participants. The host can set up an immediate conference call and participants are automatically called to start the conference right away. Sensitive matters are addressed without delay, always keeping your team on track with your businesses. The host and participants can be at home, on a business trip, or any locale and still be productive.

*Emails are sent only to participants with registered email addresses.

Collaborate seamlessly on the go, wherever business happens

Discuss and resolve urgent issues with team members in different parts of the country or globe. Samsung Smart Conference provides seamless communication for easy collaboration wherever and whenever needed. As participants are called directly, you can start collaborating immediately with available team members, without spending time juggling the different schedules of the call participants. Participants also don't need to worry about missing any important calls with the automatic inbound call. An additional alarm function reminds team members of scheduled conference calls. Collaboration can begin on time or even promptly.

Increase cost-efficiency for your business with usage-based pricing

Meet with your team more frequently using the cost-efficient Samsung Smart Conference service. Samsung Smart Conference offers cost-efficient pricing based on usage of the service without a registration fee or any other fee to use the app. Conference hosts download the app from their smartphone's application stores for free while conference participants don't need to have the app on their mobile phones to receive calls from the service. As participants receive an inbound call*, they don't need to stress about incurring expenses for being in different locations. Only the host, not participants, is billed for the usage of Samsung Smart Conference, for increased cost efficiency.

*An expense may be incurred for inbound calls based on individual carrier policies.

Samsung Smart Conference

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