Q 01. How does Samsung Electronics define "Pb-free", "RoHS compliant" and "Eco-Product"?
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Pb-Free : SAMSUNG Electronics terms "Lead-Free" or "Pb-Free" refer to semiconductor products that does not contain lead exceed 0.1% by weight in homogenous materials.

RoHS Compliant : While lead (Pb) is the most widely used toxic substance in electrical and electronic equipment, the term "Lead (Pb)-free" is often wrongly adopted to refer to all of the substances specified in RoHS Directive. RoHS restricts a total of six substances - lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBB and PBDE. To be truly compliant with this legislation, the presence of each of these substances must be reduced below their maximum concentration values (MCV). For the purposes of RoHS regulations, a maximum concentration value of up to 0.1% by weight in homogenous materials for lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, PBB and PBDE and of up to 0.01% by weight in homogenous materials for cadmium will be permitted in the manufacture of new electrical and electronic equipment. Samsung Electronics has analyzed its products, and as a result of our investigation, to the best of our knowledge the amount of cadmium, hexavalent chromium, mercury, polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) is either not detected or is below the threshold targets currently being considered for RoHS.
In order to completely rule out the possibilities that the banned substances are contained by accident or by on- process contamination, Samsung Electronics launched the Green Procurement scheme which assures that all raw materials for semiconductor chips do not contain RoHS banned substances.
Currently Samsung is using only RoHS compliant materials. Therefore, all Lead (Pb)-free semiconductors provided by Samsung are RoHS compliant.
Samsung Electronics has secured the capability to supply Lead-free (or RoHS compliant) products across all semiconductor product lines. You can check the RoHS complaint logo on the product or package to verify whether the product you are planning to buy meets the requirements.

Eco-Product : Samsung Electronics defines "Eco-Product" as Lead (Pb)-Free (RoHS compliance), and free of Chlorine (Cl), Bromine (Br) and Antimony (Sb) based flame retardants (Br or Sb do not exceed 0.09% by weight in homogeneous material).

Q 02. Does Samsung Electronics marked its product with any distinguishing features that will allow us to easily identify product that contains Pb from product that is Pb-free?
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Q 03. How can I get the chemical content of Samsung Electronics products?
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You can download on compliance information from the China RoHS page and EU REACH page.

Q 04. How can I find out if a product is available in RoHS compliant(Pb-free) options or when it will be?
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Samsung Electronics completed development and qualification for PB-free technologies.

Q 05. What alloys has Samsung Electronics selected for its Pb-free products?
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BGA packages are SnAgCu and SnAgCuNi (MCP). Lead-frame packages are Pure Sn, SnBi (Post-plating) and NiPdAu (Pre-plating).

Q 06. Are Samsung Electronics products backwards compatible (use of Pb-free alloy product with SnPb paste)?
A 06.

For lead-frame types Samsung's Lead (Pb)-free devices can be integrated regardless of whether the assembly processes have already been converted to lead-free or not. However the compatibility of BGA type devices is not fully guaranteed (soldering below 230°C is critical) since they will require a higher soldering temperature than Leaded (Pb) equivalents.
The main difference between Leaded (Pb) and Lead (Pb)-free soldering process is the temperature range: Leaded (Pb) soldering (215°C-240°C) vs. Lead (Pb)-free soldering (235°C-260°C).

Q 07. Is Samsung in compliance with China RoHS?
A 07.

Samsung Electronics is in compliance with China RoHS. You can get more information from the China RoHS compliance page.

Q 08. Is Samsung in compliance with EU REACH?
A 08.

Samsung Electronics is in compliance with EU REACH. You can get more information from the EU REACH compliance page.

Q 09. Does Samsung provide Halogen-free Products?
A 09.

Samsung Electronics provides Halogen-free Products for all of its product goups. You can get more information from the Halgoen-free page.

Q 10. Who can I contact for questions relating to Producted related Environmental Compliance?
A 10.

The first contact for all questions about Lead (Pb)-free and Eco-Products is your sales partner. For any other questions regarding Lead (Pb)-Free status or strategies, For more information, please contact your sales partner.