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Human Rights

Under our People First corporate philosophy, we at Samsung
Electronics strive to reflect our respect for human rights, diversity and
inclusion in all of our day-to-day activities.

We are constantly improving the safety of our work environment and
fostering a strong corporate culture that supports and encourages
personal growth.

Commitment to
Respect Human

Because human rights are fundamental rights

Human rights and freedom are
universal and inherent to us all. We are committed to respecting them, and we do our best to help our employees, partners and customers pursue happiness. Based on the internationally recognized UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs), we created our own framework, which we implement to uphold high standards for human rights. Our approach to human rights identifies, prevents and mitigates real and potential human rights risks throughout our business activities, and reinforces it through meaningful cooperation with stakeholders. We hold our business to the same standards.

Health and Safety

Because working in a safe and
healthy environment is essential

Each business division operates its own safety and health management system and continuously identifies and evaluates potential risks. The head of our Global Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Center in the DX (Device eXperience) Division and the head of the Global Manufacturing & Infrastructure Department in the DS (Device Solutions) Division act as Chief Safety Officers to secure the safety and health of our employees.

  • Maintaining a
    business site
    safety management system

    Learn more
  • Strengthening our safety
    management capabilities

    Learn more
  • Maintaining an employee health
    promotion system

    Learn more
  • Improving our work

    Learn more

Corporate Culture

Better work place, better life

Our organizational culture is our competitive strength. To make it as strong as possible,
we focus on three objectives: Work Engagement, Team Collaboration and Company Pride

Building trust to
foster mutual
We pursue a culture of mutual trust through open horizontal and vertical communications.Learn more
Working smart to
Our work smart culture aims to encourage employees to work flexibly and efficiently while strengthening their autonomy and responsibi lity.Learn more
Thinking hard to
Every year, we conduct a job
survey and actively collect the opinions of our employees to
create a better working
environment.Learn more


Because we want
our employees to grow

We operate programs to nurture creative and challenge-seeking talent and to strengthen leadership and professionalism. As part of these activities, we conduct a systematic leadership diagnosis for employees in leadership positions every year, and support leadership training based on the diagnosis results.

Talent Development

Internal Key areas
Sharing our vision
and value culture
Cultivating global
professionals by
Introductory training
for new employees
Sharing of annual
strategic directions
for all executives and
Samsung leadership
training by

WORKPLACE LEARNING mentoring, coaching, OJT (On the Job Training)

KNOWLEDGE NETWORK (through Web 3.0, social media, and mobile platforms), Samsung U learning portal, Software Expert Academy, knowledge contents

External Key areas
Samsung MBA
Regional Expert
Academic training
In-house technology school


KNOWLEDGE NETWORK (through Web 3.0, social media, and mobile platforms), Samsung U learning portal, Software Expert Academy, knowledge contents

KNOWLEDGE NETWORK (through Web 3.0, social media, and mobile platforms),
Samsung U learning portal, Software Expert Academy, knowledge contents

* Learning & Development

Competency Development Program

  • Career
    training Open contents
  • External training
    & in-house
    universities and
    graduate schools Open contents
  • Opportunities to
    switch jobs
    internally Open contents
  • Regional specialist program Open contents

Digital Library

  • Samsung Electronics Global Human Rights Principles
  • Child Labor Prohibition
  • Migrant Worker Policy
  • Student Worker Policy
    in China
  • Guidelines for Apprenticeship
    in India
  • Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Policy
  • Modern Slavery Statement

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