Samsung Electronics' Device Solutions Division complies Comply with EU REACH regulations.

  • Registration according to Article 7(1) (and 7(5)):
    There is no obligation of pre-registration since no chemical substance is intentionally emitted under conditions that are generally and logically predictable in using products and packaging materials. We do not use Silikagel in our packaging materials, but rather ; we use Bentonite, a mineral that is not regulated by REACH. Thus, there is no obligation of for pre-registration.

  • Notification according to Article 7(2) and Obligations according to Article 33: Our semiconductor products and packaging materials do not contain any of the 151 SVHCs (Substance of Very High Concern) confirmed on December 16, 2013 beyond permissible levels. Thus, there is no obligation to report or disclose information.

ECHA REACH SVHC Candidate List Announcement

  • 1st (2008.10.28): 15 substances
  • 2nd (2010.01.13): 15 substances
  • 3rd (2010.06.28): 8 substance
  • 4th (2010.12.15): 8 substances
  • 5th (2011.06.20): 7 substances
  • 6th (2011.12.19): 20 substance
  • 7th (2012.06.18): 13 substances
  • 8th (2012.12.19): 54 substances
  • 9th (2013.06.20): 6 substances
  • 10th (2013.12.16): 7 substances
  • SVHC Candidate List

The Samsung Electronics' Device Solutions Division provides a REACH Declaration.

Preparation and provision of our declaration form (Dec. 01, 2008~)

An increasing number of customers have asked about SVHCs since May 2008, and specifically about our guarantee of no SVHC containment. For this reason, we have prepared and provided a guarantee that our products do not contain any of the 53 substances in the REACH SVHC Candidate List beyond permissible levels.