Helping customers succeed in today's market

Shorter product lifecycles and incessant demand for new feature-rich products at lower costs are creating a challenging environment for semiconductor companies today. As geometries shrink, critical parameters like timing, area, power and signal integrity are more difficult to control. Meanwhile, the ongoing push for higher yields can no longer be addressed solely in the manufacturing process. These factors have created the need for broader foundry services that can play a greater role in customer success.

Flexible offerings to meet customer needs

Samsung Foundry provides design services that are in step with today's challenging market. Samsung Foundry's dedicated internal design services are enhanced by the company's deep sub-micron expertise as well as its strong consumer electronics and low-power focus. As a member of the common platform technology collaboration, Samsung Foundry also offers customers access to a comprehensive ecosystem of design enablement and implementation business partners from the EDA, IP, packaging and design services industries. A single design can be multi-sourced to one of the synchronized 300mm manufacturing facilities within the Common Platform.

Worldwide design center locations

Early engagement design services are available at SAMSUNG design centers and through its partner network. Foundry customers can also take advantage of worldwide on-site design services.

Samsung Semiconductor Design Solution Overview