Advanced Manufacturing Capability to Meet Your Technology Needs

Samsung Foundry's dedicated 300mm logic fabs, known as the S-Line and SAS S.LIS-Line are state-of-the-art facilities supports volume using 90nm, 65nm, 45/40nm and 32/28nm processes. An early adopter of 300mm wafer technology, Samsung has grown to be the world's leader in 300mm volume production. Foundry customers greatly benefit from SAMSUNG's deep experience and comprehensive knowledge of high-volume manufacturing technology.

Samsung Semiconductor MANUFACTURING


  • Wafer Size : 300mm
  • Location : Giheung, Korea
  • Opened in Jan, 2005

Samsung Semiconductor MANUFACTURING


  • Wafer Size : 300mm
  • Location : Austin, USA
  • Opened in Apr, 2011

Manufacturing Flexibility through the Common Platform

SAMSUNG, IBM and Globalfoundries are members of the Common Platform. This alliance provides customers with the most comprehensive manufacturing solution for their wafer needs. These advantages include :

  • Leading-edge technology at advanced design nodes
  • Production multi-sourcing without the need for redesign (One GDS with multi fabs)
  • A fully developed ecosystem of design, IP and library partners to address design needs and additional services
  • Industry-leading DFM solutions

Through the Common Platform partnership, SAMSUNG provides global, risk-diversified sourcing and flexible capacity to fully meet its customer's production needs.