Samsung Exynos

Samsung Exynos 4 Dual 32nm

Dual ARM® Cortex-A9 based 1.2 /1.5GHz Mobile 32nm Application Processor
Exynos 4 Dual 32nm offers better 3D and CPU performance while consuming much less
power than our top AP seller Exynos 4210. It’s obvious Exynos 4 Dual 32nm is the perfect
choice for your next-generation cutting-edge Smartphone and Tablet PC products.

Multitask with a Power, Energy Efficient SoC

With high speed dual core Exynos 4 Dual 32nm multitask is an ease. You can switch from connecting with your friends via online social network, to surfing the web or even to playing games seamlessly. These activities drains a lot of battery. Luckily Exynos 4 Dual 32nm, built using 32nm HKMG* low power process , will allow you to enjoy for a long time.

*HKMG process - : High K Metal Gate Process
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Play Full HD Video on Your Mobile Device without Ever Encoding

1080p playback with multi format codec (MFC) brings crisp full HD videos to your mobile device without ever needing to encode. With integrated MFC, your device will be able to play almost any type of video format.

Experience Console like 3D Gaming on the Go

Exynos 4 Dual 32nm powerful 3D graphics will bring games to life right in front of your eyes. With life like 3D graphics, Exynos 4 Dual 32nm will take you on an adventure you’ve always dreamed of. You will be in the driver seat when playing racing game or batter’s box when playing your favorite past time. With Exynos4 Dual 32nm, you will be able to experience console like gaming where ever you go.