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HP DISCOVER 2011 visit

Jun. 6. 2011 ~ Jun. 10. 2011 Las Vegas, NV


  • Visit Samsung at HP DISCOVER 2011

At this year’s HP Discover 2011 event, Samsung is proud to present its latest green portfolio of high-speed, power-saving memory and solid-state storage solutions for today’s enterprise platforms. IT managers to system administrators, system engineers to CIOs can preview the remarkable power savings, higher performance and reliability offerings Samsung will be demonstrating at the event in conjunction with HP.

  • View our demos!

  • Visit the Samsung booth (#321) and learn about Samsung Green Memory
    and SSD solutions and how they are a part of the win-win solution for
    minimizing costs and increased performance in IT infrastructures.

  • DDR3 Power Savings

    Three servers compare the difference in power consumption and
    heat emission between 50nm 2Gb DDR3, 30nm 2Gb DDR3, and
    30nm 4Gb DDR3.

  • Solid State Drives Versus Hard Disk Drives

    Two servers compare performance (TPC-C) between SSD and HDD.

  • Event Registration
    Sign-up to attend our Breakout Sessions :

  • (Wed., 8:00-9:00am) Room: Casanova 606
    This presentation will demonstrate how SSDs bring higher
    reliability, and higher performance for applications that require
    random access in the data center and explore power savings
    afforded by the use of SSDs, both from reduced energy
    consumption and lower cooling costs.

  • (Thurs., 9:30-10:30am) Room: Casanova 603
    This joint presentation, by Samsung and HP, will highlight how
    high-speed, power-saving memory and solid state storage can be
    optimized in today’s enterprise platforms and how Samsung’s
    “green” memory improves performance in server virtualization
    environments while reducing the overall memory power footprint.