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Green Memory in the News

Samsung CIO Forum 2012 - A world of SSDs

Nov. 17. 2012
Media & Entertainment Technologies November 2012, At this year’s Samsung CIO Conference, held in San Jose, the focus was on the global issues of ubiquitous connectivity through data centers and service providers in an environment that is constrained by the universal resources of power and pollution. The event open with an intro from SJ mayor Chuck Reed who was presenting that San Jose is the hub of the Clean Tech Revolution and has facilitated the creation of 25,000 Clean Tech jobs in the area.

A variety of presentations were given on methods for optimizing and distributing the data centers world wide, by Qualcomm, Microsoft, Facebook, the City of San Jose, V3, Pure Storage, ARM, Datastax, and Stanford in addition to Samsung, Gartner and IDC. The overriding challenge and opportunity, as summarized by IDC, shows a $4T opportunity for those that can connect the 4B people who want access and move/process the 50T GB of data in the system by 2020.

The majority of presentations were on revised architectures for the data center that bring “green” optimization into the forefront of the optimization criteria. Qualcomm presented their “modular POD” architecture for their data centers which utilize SSDs not in the primary storage tier, but as a data caching tier for optimized $/Watt/performance metrics. They are split between high speed edge of network support servers and HPC core applications in their data centers, and as a result, their memory and storage selections are application driven. more

Source: Media & Entertainment Technologies