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IT Reports

Symantec 2009

Mar. 2009
Green Data Center Survey DOWNLOAD

Green IT, New Reality

A major survey lead by Symantec Corporation in March 2009 reported in the following findings:

  • Green IT is now an “essential”.
    - 97% of the enterprise market discussing green IT strategies.
  • Green IT budgets are rising.
    - 73% see an increase in green IT budgets during the next 12 months.
  • IT willing to pay a premium for green equipment.
    - 60% would pay at least 10% more.
    - 40% would pay at least 20% more.
  • IT at the heart of enterprise green efforts.
    - 89% feel IT should play very significant green role.

How important is it your workplace that your IT organization implements 'Green IT' initiatives?

Over the next several years, how important will government regulation be as a factor in requiring companies to limit their Greenhouse Gas emissions and carbon footprint through Green IT-related strategies?