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Samsung Data Migration Software

The simplest way to get your new SSD up and running

Samsung data migration software : SDM software

Migrate Your Data in 3 Steps

One of the biggest pain points for new users when upgrading from their Hard Disk Drive (HDD) to their new Solid State Drive (SSD) is the process of moving over all of their existing files and programs. Samsung’s Data Migration software was designed with novice users in mind to simplify this tedious process. Rather than inundate users with an endless array of configuration options and menus, the Samsung Data Migration (SDM) Software completes this task in 3 simple steps.

Automatic Disk Scan and Diagnosis

The SDM software will scan your system for any connected disks and present your current system status with easy-to-read graphics. SDM hides unnecessary features and partitions from the user, automatically moving the crucial “System Partition” to the SSD and leaving the user free to concentrate on the partitions that contain their operating system, programs, and data.

Recommendation and User Options

Next, SDM will recommend a plan of action and allow the user to customize how the migration will proceed. The first partition, which generally contains the Windows operating system installation, is added automatically. Users can add an additional partition to the migration by simply clicking on its picture. While SDM will automatically partition the drive proportionally, the user can adjust partition sizes to their personal preferences by simply dragging the slide bar in between the two partitions.

Samsung data migration : recommendation and user options

Data Migration

Next, sit back and relax while SDM takes care of the rest. All of the contents from the partition(s) you selected will be automatically moved to your new SSD. The process time will vary depending on how much data is being copied, and whether you’re transferring over SATA or USB, but it will generally complete in less than 1 hour.

New Feature of SDM 2.0 – Custom Cloning

In most cases, PC users use 500GB, 1TB and even more capacity of HDDs while SSD is less than that. If you have a laptop and you want to migrate your data from your 1TB HDD(500GB used) to a 250GB SSD, you’ll find that the Target Disk(SSD) is not large enough to accommodate all files on the Source Disk(HDD). “Custom Cloning” feature will help you select unnecessary media files on the Source Disk to exclude from the cloning process.

Samsung Data Migration : New Feature of SDM 2.0 - Custom Cloning

Using SDM

All you need to get started is your existing computer, your new SSD, and, if you’re using a laptop PC, a SATA to USB adapter cable (included if you purchased an SSD with Installation Kit packaging and available online and at major electronics retailers). The SDM software is included on the CD that came with your SSD and available for download at
Once the SDM software is installed, connect your new SSD to your PC either via SATA (for desktop users) or via the adapter cable (for laptop users) and launch the software. As it loads, SDM automatically scans the system for the presence of any connected storage devices, so there may be a noticeable delay as the software gets ready.
Click “Start” to begin the disk scan and diagnosis step. On the next screen, click on up to one (1) additional partition that you would like to migrate to the SSD in addition to the “C:” drive that contains your Windows installation. Adjust the partition sizes as necessary, and click “Next.”
The SDM software will transfer all of your existing programs, applications, and user settings from the selected drive partitions. When it’s finished, all you have to do is shut down your system, swap out the old HDD for the new SSD, and boot up (be sure to enable AHCI in your BIOS if it’s not already set up).

The Single Best PC Upgrade

As simple as that, you’ve completely transformed your PC into a modern marvel of speed and efficiency. In fact, you may not believe it’s the same computer when you see how fast the system boots up. With the help of Samsung’s Data Migration software, you’re now ready to enjoy industry leading speed, endurance, and reliability from the #1 name in memory with your Samsung SSD.


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