More Speed, Less Energy.
Samsung MEMORY Green DDR4

Samsung Computing DRAM

The right memory solution can be one of your most important competitive advantages. Samsung leads the industry with cutting-edge DRAM technology, including DDR2, DDR3-and soon, DDR4-to heighten the success of your designs. Leverage Samsung's fastest and highest performance DDR3 memory today with a dual-channel, 128-bit memory module to enable a throughput of more than 25.6GB/s.

Meet intensifying power-efficiency demands

Our latest-generation Computing DRAM provides an outstanding combination of speed and efficiency. Dedicated on-board power-management features help reduce power consumption during idle memory cycles.

Energy efficiency can translate into big cost savings for server and desktop environments, long battery life for notebook users, and small carbon footprints. Samsung Computing DRAM solutions boost competitiveness with features enabling you to:

  • Capitalize on our ultralow-power memory technology with 30-nm class, 1.35V, 2Gb DDR3.
  • Achieve memory power savings of up to 67 percent using Samsung's latest 20-nm class DDR3 solutions, compared to existing 50-nm class DDR3.
  • Operate at voltages as low as 1.2V while enabling nearly twice the bandwidth of DDR3 with upcoming DDR4 memory.

Bring advanced product solutions to life

Opportunities for DRAM memory are vast, and cover almost every device capable of being interconnected and networked. Samsung Computing DRAM delivers a wide range of design advantages, including:

  • Clock rates exceeding 1GHz, allowing data rates as high as 1,866Mb/s to support today's high-end and high-speed processors
  • Very low operating voltages, to help significantly reduce the power consumption and extend the usable duration of battery-powered devices
  • Increasingly dense fabrication (such as the latest 20-nm DDR3), minimizing the number of chips going into the end product and reclaiming board space that previous-generation chips would otherwise occupy
  • Built-in mechanisms such as DQ shielding, self-calibration, and fly-by topology for enhanced signal control

Samsung's expertise in semiconductor memory and experience in delivering next-generation memory technologies advances the design of devices and applications such as ultrathin laptops with extended battery life.
Cloud-optimized servers also benefit greatly from Samsung Computing DRAM.

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